Asteroid 2012 DA14

With 2 days to go before Asteroid 2012 DA14 is due to make a pass, I thought I would post some information about it.

It’s important to know that it’s encounter will be brief and won’t be visible to the naked eye. However, observatories are streaming their feeds live on the internet. Use a search engine to find out which ones.

It’s approach is from the underside of the earth. Some have called it “potentially hazardous”, though I personally disagree. The reason the asteroid is creating a buzz is because when it passes us, it will come between us and the orbit of some satellites. Companies and Corporations with satellites in orbit have been advised to move satellites out of the area at that time.

An artists impression of Asteroid 2012 DA14 as it passes the earth. Picture from

The asteroid is travelling about 6-8 times the speed of sound and thought to be as large as a 15 story building, with an estimated mass of 130,000-190,000 metric tons. DA14 will be at its closest point at approximately 1924 GMT which is about 1124 PST, at a distance of a mere 17,200 miles (or 27,700 km) That sounds far away but in astronomical terms, especially where asteroids and earth is concerned, this is on the scale of an atoms breadth. (An interesting fact is that it will be about one tenth the distance away from us than that of the moon). It will pass at that point over the Eastern part of the Indian Ocean approximately -6° south latitude and 97.5° East Longitude. If you’re a keen amature astronomer, that will be important to you.

Computer simulation of the projected path of DA14

It is thought that an asteroid of this size passes earth once every 40 years and strikes earth once every 1,200 years. While there is little chance that asteroid hits us it would be interesting to know what damage it would cause if it did.

According to a paragraph on Wikipedia, DA14 would enter the atmosphere at just over 7mi/s (12.7km/s) with the kinetic energy of 3.6 megatons of TNT – slightly less than the Tunguska incident (which I personally think wasn’t an asteroid but an alien craft. I’ll perhaps write-up why sometime). The air burst  it would create would be around the force of 2.9 megatons of TNT. Such forces would seriously destroy towns and cities should an asteroid of this calibre impact the earth.

Picture taken in 1908 after the Tunguska incident. Trees were felled pointing away from the epicentre of the event. To this day, scientists cannot agree on what caused this explosion. Some say asteroid, others have different opinions. With no proof means this incident is still a mystery over 106 years later.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 was discovered almost a year ago on the 23rd of February 2012 by astronomers at the Las Campanas Observatory in the Atacama Desert, Chile, which is owned and operated by the Carnegie Institution for Science.

DA14’s approach this week will reduce its orbit around the sun from 368 days to 317. Which means if calculations of its orbit is correct it will have its next close encounter on 15 February 2046 – exactly 34 years from now. It will be a close encounter, but a bit further away than its approach in 2 days time.

I guess I’ve covered most if not all of the interesting facts about Asteroid 2012 DA14. So… I will go whip up some lunch and end it here.

Namaste 😀


This is a rather interesting post. Though I think some of the pictures in the youtube video were proven to be forged. But the blog post here DOES raise many genuine curiosities and touches on truth.

Episode 3 Podcast Uploaded – “The Solar Storm Threat”

Hi guys

In light of the recent increase in solar activity and an update to my last blog entry, I have uploaded the podcast that was recorded on Friday the 8th of February. It is now available on Podomatic and will soon be available on iTunes.

Check out our latest podcast episode by clicking here.


From recording the Podcast, America’s Eastern states have been blanketed in snow. New England has been battered by hurricane force winds. Several Earthquakes around the world and the Solomon Islands are still being rocked by strong aftershocks, almost as strong as the 8.0 quake itself.

Animals deaths have been reported around the world, especially on the West coast of the Republic of Ireland, where dolphins were washed up dead on the shores of Kerry and Mayo. This is touched upon in the podcast.

We have also touched on Comet ISON and its approach and Asteroid 2012 DA14 that is to shave past earth on the 15th of February.

Please listen to the podcast and rate it both on iTunes and Podomatic.

Thank you!

Namaste 😀

Solar Storm headed towards earth

A few days ago I was alerted to the possibility of a large solar storm striking the earth within days.

This is the video that explains what is currently going on. Watch further videos to see how current unusual weather and quakes are linked to the activity on the Sun.

It’s now cause for concern as the mainstream media are now reporting on this solar storm, claiming that we will only have 30 minutes warning before it hits. They aren’t saying this is a doomsday event, but warning that this one has potential to knock out power grids across the nation. Though they are careful to say that it could happen in the near future. If that’s not enough, the UK Government has been called upon to “prepare” for such an event.

Should we panic now? No. Not yet. But it is important to note that people such as Alex Jones, VonHelton and other truthers have been warning about this for years now. More specifically, in the year 2013. The solar cycle that we are going through now is to peak this year. Some predicting an extinction level event known as the ‘Kill Shot”. Sound farfetched? Yea, it does. But far-fetched or not, this is widely agreed by the scientific community to have happened on several occasions before in the past.

The Maya Calendar also tracks the solar cycle, which back up their myths and legends about this event, along with many indigenous tribes across the earth. One of the calendars (I think) predicts massive solar activity between 2013-2016. Don’t hold me to that, I would have to dig back into some old books to reread.

There isn’t much I can say on this right now as I am posting this as a brief message out there. However, I will try to bring to you a podcast regarding this, replacing “Origins of Mankind: an Alternative human history” as Episode 3, in the next 48 hours.

The storm is expected to hit by late Friday night or early Saturday morning. If I get any more information, I will update this entry.

However, let me stress, there is no cause for concern. Back in the 1800’s we had a super solar storm which brought a mini ice age and the Northern and Southern lights could be seen globally. So prepare, perhaps, to see the greatest show on earth, which some say happens once every 200 years.

Namaste 😀

How to make a simple but effective detox tea!

I recently came across an article that explains the dangers of Fluoride in your body, even in minute quantities. This is something I am campaigning about with others.

It explains various ways in which to detox your body. Things ranging from stop consuming fluoride to working up a sweat via exercise or dry sauna.

It also gave a recipe for an easy to make tea. I recommend you use fresh ingredients with what I am about to share with you.

All you need is clean, pure water (no added chemicals obviously), ginger and lemon. Oh! And a cup! Or mug… and knife.
It’s rather tasty and it does make you feel good.

  1. Get your ginger and slice a bit about 2.3 inches long (about 5.8cm (58mm)). Peel it and bruise it with the flat of your knife. Plop it into your mug or cup.
  2. Get a fresh lemon. I suggest rolling it firmly in your hands to sort of get juices going on the inside. Cut in half and then cut a thick slice and plop it into your mug. Perhaps about a centimeter in thickness.
  3. Boil your kettle with your pure water. I suggest here you only put into your kettle only the amount of water you need. It saves energy and is obviously quicker.
  4. Pour the boiled water over the lemon and ginger slices and leave to stand for 2 minutes to let them infuse. Your tea will be a very faint green/yellow colour.
  5. They recommend you take the ginger and lemon out after this. I personally leave the lemon and ginger in for maximum flavour.
A first-hamd image of preparations for making the tea. Simple but effective.As a friend of mine said "That's good shit". Colourful lol...

A first-hamd image of preparations for making the tea. Simple but effective.
As a friend of mine said “That’s good shit”. Colourful lol…

You can of course amend it to suit your own tastes. Make it personal to you, but keep true to those ingredients. Some even add honey to their tea. Honey in hot water and lemon is great for throat infections and coughs. Lemon fighting the infection along with the honey (honey has anti-bacterial properties too). The honey also soothes your irritated throat. Ginger on the other hand is great for the digestive system and detox. But take ginger in moderation. More that 3 grams a day is not recommended as it can lead to heartburn.

So if you fancy something different or new tonight or just something to do, then try this recipe. It really is nice with fresh ingredients. And try not to ruin it with adding sugar lol.

Namaste 🙂


Came across this this morning. The world is truly starting to wake up! It’s about bloody time! Though it’s a shame and a bit ironic they have to pass a man-made law in order to recognise mother earth has rights. But finally a governing body recognises that Mother Earth is a living being and we must take care to protect and care for her. Beautiful 🙂

Below is a direct quote:

Law of the Rights of Mother Earth, was passed by Bolivia’s Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

Read The Full English Translation:

Full Original Spanish Translation:

Precedent: The law is considered to be the first instance of environmental law that gives legal personhood to the natural system, and may also allow for citizens to sue individuals and groups as part of “Mother Earth” in response to real and alleged infringements of its integrity.

The law defines Mother Earth as “…the dynamic living system formed by the indivisible community of all life systems and living beings whom are interrelated, interdependent, and complementary, which share a common destiny; adding that “Mother Earth is considered sacred in the worldview of Indigenous Peoples and nations. In this approach human beings and their communities are considered a part of mother earth, by being integrated in “Life systems” defined as complex and dynamic communities of plants, animals, micro-organisms and other beings in their environment, in which human communities and the rest of nature interact as a functional unit, under the influence of climatic, physiographic and geologic factors, as well as the productive practices and cultural diversity of Bolivians of both genders, and the cosmovisions of Indigenous nations and Peoples, intercultural communities and the Afro-Bolivians.

This definition can be seen as a more inclusive definition of ecosystems because it explicitly includes the social, cultural and economic dimensions of human communities.The law also establishes the juridical character of Mother Earth as “collective subject of public interest”, to ensure the exercise and protection of her rights. By giving Mother Earth a legal personality, it can, through its representatives (humans), bring an action to defend its rights.

Additionally, to say that Mother Earth is of public interest represents a major shift from a anthropocentric perspective to a more Earth community based perspective. >


I. Mother Earth has the following rights:

1. To life: The right to maintain the integrity of living systems and natural processes that sustain them, and capacities and conditions for regeneration.

2. To the diversity of life: It is the right to preservation of differentiation and variety of beings that make up Mother Earth, without being genetically altered or structurally modified in an artificial way, so that their existence, functioning or future potential would be threatened.

3. To water: The right to preserve the functionality of the water cycle, its existence in the quantity and quality needed to sustain living systems, and its protection from pollution for the reproduction of the life of Mother Earth and all its components.

4. To clean air: The right to preserve the quality and composition of air for sustaining living systems and its protection from pollution, for the reproduction of the life of Mother Earth and all its components.

5. To equilibrium: The right to maintenance or restoration of the interrelationship, interdependence, complementarity and functionality of the components of Mother Earth in a balanced way for the continuation of their cycles and reproduction of their vital processes.

6. To restoration: The right to timely and effective restoration of living systems affected by human activities directly or indirectly.

7. To pollution-free living: The right to the preservation of any of Mother Earth’s components from contamination, as well as toxic and radioactive waste generated by human activities.

Namaste 🙂

Alternative media best escape?

After meditating today I had a realisation of a few things.

But one of the truths I had come to realise had really made me think. Many spiritual and truth people I know have said time and time again that they avoid the mainstream news because they always publish sad, bad and negative stories which leaves people in the world depressed and unnecessarily fearful. They also know not to trust the MSM and take things they say with a pinch of salt.

These same people (myself included) keep an eye on the ‘alternative’ media. Some say they have a preference for it because it tells the truth. But I haven’t heard people say that it is any less depressing. In fact, I don’t think people actually realise that it is just as depressing, if not more depressing, than what the mainstream pitch at us on a daily basis. I didn’t realise this until after my meditation today.

The MSM will constantly tell us of conflict, of murder, of war, of financial crisis… the list goes on. And these are things that genuinely worry people. But the alternative can go deeper in regards to doom and gloom. FEMA camps in the states, evil corporate and governmental agendas, constant threats from space, constant false flag attacks, and these are to name but a small portion.

What doesn’t help is that anyone can contribute to the alternative media. It’s main platform is the internet. Some people deliberately post falsehoods or their own extreme paranoia. Some people relish this information and accept it without the suspicion and questioning they would give to the MSM. Both sources of news merit equal questioning and reasoning.

It leads me to wonder if people actually like to be scared or angry at something. Some people I have come across on the net seem to have a sort of… attraction to doom and gloom. It’s like a romantic fantasy to some. I’m not saying all truthers and spiritual people are like this. No no, far from it! But some are.

We have truthers who deliver mainstream news who are well-known. Alex Jones for example. His work is incredible although… negative. Any episode I have listened to or watched from him is almost entirely negative. Things from a global cull of humanity, to the banking system collapse… everything. And I find this more worrying some of the MSN coverage of events. What’s important to realise though, we actually need to know this information. It gives us a chance to stand up for ourselves and fight back.

But can you see now that you’re kidding yourself if you say you avoid the MSN because it’s depressing and always full of bad news? The Alternative is indeed the same. And in some cases much worse at fear mongering.

On Saturday past, I was at ImmortalManUK’s house recording a podcast and just talking in general. Even he when in a thoughtful state realised something which I have been saying for ages now. He suggested that the powers that be (Illuminati, government agents, etc) are controlling the alternative media. Then at that moment come to realise how easy it would be for them to do so. And how easy it would be for them to place disinformation about certain topics within the truth movement. They simply just upload it to the net.

So I hope that with this brief post I have helped enlighten you in regards to the alternative media. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying avoid it! The alternative media has told us things that we would quite simply not have known. Things like the revolution in Iceland where the people sacked their government and placed government personnel, corporate businessmen and bankers in prison. They have rewritten their constitution and now get their energy from renewable sources. They have told us of the truth about Bin Laden. The truth about 11th of September. The truth about who really controls the world. But it is also full of people who get a thrill out of fear mongering. And more importantly, it gives an equal but alternative portrayal of negative news coverage.

And I say to you not to focus on the negative vibes. Live in your moment and be happy. Be aware you are alive and here in this existence. Look for happiness within you, for that’s where it comes from. Happiness externally is impermanent and limited. Happiness and unconditional love from within knows no bounds and comes in unlimited quantities. So we must learn to look within. I truly believe that this is what will improve the quality of life in this existence.

Namaste 🙂

Strange Manufactured Artifact Found In Russia – Supposedly 300 Million Years Old

I was reading Ray Alex Web’s blog this afternoon and I can across a fascinating article he posted. Please, if you have time, check out the link to his amazing post below.

Namaste 🙂

Strange Manufactured Artifact Found In Russia – Supposedly 300 Million Years Old.

The Voronezh Incident – 27th September 1989

It’s a widely known fact that many governments (particularly in the West) officially deny any knowledge of the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. And flat-out deny that we have been visited by extraterrestrials in recent times. It is also known that governments have been exposed lying about their official stance on UFOs and incidents that have happened before. These range from the US government constantly changing their explanations for things and leaked documents (especially in the UK) that confirm that the government has a keen interest in UFOlogy and the extraterrestrial phenomenon. An interest to the degree where they have specialist units to go out and silence witnesses from exposing the truth and revealing details about what they had seen. And a quote from Margaret Thatcher on UFOs. “…you can’t tell the people.”

But a recent discovery of mine is that the Russian government (even the old Soviet government) were a bit more open about it to their people. There are news reports circling today that the Russian government is warning America’s dictator and illegal President, Barack Hussein Obama (previously known as Barry Soetoro) that if his Administration don’t reveal to the people their knowledge of UFO’s and confirm extraterrestrials exist soon, then the Russians will.

This is of no surprise to me, and in fact the Russians have a bit of history making public UFO and extraterrestrial incidents that have happened in Russia. One such incident is the Voronezh case, where a UFO landed in broad daylight in the middle of a busy park. Stranger still, the UFO opened a ‘hatch’ and 2 creatures appeared. One had 3 eyes and was humanoid and the other was supposed to be robotic. You’re probably saying, “Yea, right.” or, “Someone was smoking pot when they thought of this”. Wrong. For this incident was witnessed by several people.

The Soviet’s press agency, Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS), released these documents in their papers. The incident was then known to most people in the Soviet Union as a result. In the meantime the West were ignorant to the incident until a few years later (I think) when it was published in the media in the US and UK – only to be ridiculed by the press.

Some of you may be thinking that this is nonsense and that the Soviet Government at the time was a strong dictatorship and would not release such information to the people. Wrong again. TASS released information on this UFO incident and other UFO papers and documents because it was free to do so under President Gorbachev’s “glasnost“, which was his new policy of transparency and openness regarding the activities of government institutions, and a desire to provide freedom of information (some freedom of it anyways).

And in the report it states that this strange craft that glowed pink landed in the open in view of many witnesses. Aliens were seen and used technology far beyond our understanding and knowledge – even upon a human in full sight of the people. The incident left kids and adults terrified. The incident was investigated and researchers questioned everyone that had seen this happen. There were no contradictions at all between the accounts given to them by the different witnesses.

Some of the kids who witnessed the event. (Not all witnesses were kids lol)

Below is a reproduction of the TASS report which was published in a newspaper on the 10th of October 1989.

Recent reports about the landing of aliens in the Russian city of Voronezh were confirmed in today’s issue of Sovetskaya Kultura.

The aliens landed on a war autumn evening on September 27, the paper said. Two boys and a girl from a local school, Vasya Surin, Zhenya Blinov and Yula Sholokhova, were in the city park. The place was crowded, with several dozen people waiting at a nearby bus stop. The boys were playing football.

At half past six, they saw a pink light shining in the sky and then spotted a ball of a deep-red colour about 10 meters in diameter. The ball circled the park for sometime above the earth and disappeared. It reappeared a few moments later and hovered above the park.

A crowd of onlookers rushed to the site, the paper said. They could clearly see a hatch opening in the lower part of the ball and a humanoid in the opening. The alien was about 3 meters high, had three eyes, was clad in silvery overalls and “boots” the colour of bronze and had a disk on its chest. The humanoid looked the place over. The hatch closed and the ball began to descend. “The object” then landed, according to the paper. The hatch opened again and two creatures came out, one apparently a robot.

The first one said something and a shining triangle, 30 by 50 centimeters in size, appeared on the ground and soon disappeared. The alien touched the robot’s body, and it started moving in a mechanical way.

One of the boys started screaming in fear. The alien looked at him and the boy fell silent, unable to move. The alien’s eyes were shining. The onlookers screamed. After a little while the ball and the creatures disappeared.

In about five minutes, the ball and the three-eyed humanoid could be seen again. The alien had what looked like a gun by his side – a tube about 50 centimeters long. He directed the thing at the 16-year-old boy and the latter disappeared. The alien went inside the ball, which immediately took off. At the same time the boy reappeared.

“It is hard to believe what happened,” the paper’s Voronezh correspondent, E. Yefremoc, writes. “It is harder yet to explain, but there is no doubt that something really happened.”

The UFO landing was witnessed by several people. Residents of Putilin Street in Voronezh said they repeatedly saw a UFO from September 23 to 29.

Militia officers and reporters interviewed the children and those who saw the anomaly. There are no contradictions in the descriptions of the ball or the aliens’ actions. All the children who saw the alien craft are still afraid. The local section that studies anomalies is investigating the incident, the paper said. The section includes scientists, physicists and biologists.

TASS-Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union.

Wow. Just wow. Government granted release of reports of what happened. Even allowing them to report the strange, almost paranormal, abilities of the visitors. Invisibility, making objects appear, causing a boy to freeze and fall silent and make him disappear by pointing a strange tube-like object at him.

A sketch by one of the children who witnessed the event

If the Soviets (Now Russians) weren’t and aren’t afraid to release this information, why can’t the UK and US do it? What are they hiding? Even Belgium released documents on a military UFO encounter which the US and UK never acknowledged. Why?

On a different note, how do the aliens just vanish like that? Many (But not all) ET encounters I have heard or read about seem to have a few things in common. One of which being the silvery suits they wear. Are these metallic looking suits actually superior technology to cloak them in the visible light spectrum? Could the “Bronze” coloured boots be harnessing energy from the earth and their clothes from the air? A bit like Tesla’s work? What was the disk on his chest? How did the boy disappear? I wouldn’t say magic. Magic in my opinion is the name given to sciences and abilities that currently isn’t understood by us and our sciences. I don’t class it as “paranormal” per se. It’s normal if it works and exists in the universe. Just because we perceive things as normal and paranormal doesn’t mean that’s the case and shouldn’t be. We just simply don’t have an understanding of how to use the tools provided to us by the universe.

This encounter is food for thought though. And hopefully soon, someday, our governments will stop lying to us about what they know. Already, the Vatican has pretty much confirmed that ET’s exist. The Russians have done it. Now it’s our turn.

Namaste 😀

The Ascensionist’s top 10 nostalgia video games

Video gaming is a great way to fight boredom. But As I became more spiritual video game use, for me, has reduced greatly. I’ve also found out that some games are designed to control how we think and to implant ideas in our head.

But I was thinking this morning about random video games and how nostalgic they were. So, here the Ascensionist’s top 10 nostalgia video games in no particular order with the platform I played them on.

1. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (Playstation) This game was extremely popular in the 90’s and remains one of the worlds most sought after games. Oddworld Inhabitants have made it clear recently that they are re-releasing some of its games and a new one with improved graphics. Everyone knows Abe and the story of his “Oddysee”. And it really is a timeless classic that even the generation of today could play and enjoy.

One of the all time classics. Almost anyone in the 90’s will know this scene.

2. Syphon Filter (Playstation) Gosh I was a deeply disturbing kid when I got a laugh at frying terrorists with the taser. Players controlled the character Gabriel Logan, a member of The Agency in this stealth based 3rd person shooter. Never really completed this game and I don’t remember much about. I just remember frying terrorists with the taser.

Cruel fun with the taser… shameful cruel fun…

3. Pilot Wings (Super Nintendo) From an early age I’ve loved flying and the thought of being able to soar though the skies. Pilot wings really ignited my imagination. In it you had to earn licenses to progress to the next level by completing lessons in flight and sky diving and accumulating enough points to do so. Each level you went up the more things you got to do and harder it got. Things like rocket pack and helicopters. It really was an enjoyable game!

Probably my most fav game for the Super Nintendo.

4. Star Wars Episode 1 official game (Playstation) This didn’t really stick true to the film and it didn’t resonate with the critics. But I really enjoyed this game. It allowed you to live some of the movie, though doing things that weren’t done in the movie. Qui-Gon Jinn didn’t fight some monster in a pit for Jabba’s entertainment and didn’t have to go through all the trouble you did in the movie to find the T-14 hyper-drive generator. What I did enjoy about it was the fact you could choose your interaction with characters within the game. Loved it!

By far my favourite game for the Playstation. Many hours spent before school in the mornings playing this.

5. Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 (Playstation 2) One of my favourite combat games. Set in the Star Wars universe, you chose your faction Rebels or Empire, or Republic or Trade Federation. The Graphics were pretty damn good for the platform. The aim of the game was to take over or liberate the galaxy (depending on your faction) by winning battles and campaigns on planets within the Star Wars universe. Naboo, Coruscant, Endor, Hoth, etc. You could control an array of vehicles too, even the AT-AT Imperial Walker. Doesn’t get sweeter than that. In fact it does, you could control a hero too! (Always played Sideous when I could)

Game play was intense in this game, even offline.

6. Worms (Playstation) War is not fun, humourous and funny. But According to the game ‘Worms’ it is. Worms takes a light-hearted approach to warfare which turns it into a comedy. The worms on the ground with squeaky voices, over-dramatic deaths and funny quips before they die really do distract you from the reality of war. However, this game really did test your commonsense, logic and strategic thinking. Elements such as gravity and wind direction and speed had to be taken into account before you used your weapon. Bounce and trajectory and timing was also key. Anyone could waste countless hours in one session with this game.

This game proved entertaining with gamers around the world.

7. Splinter Cell (Playstation 2) Splinter Cell is one of my all time favourites. The stealth based 3rd person game really did test your reasoning and problem solving abilities. You played the character of Sam Fisher, an agent of the ‘Black-Ops’ faction within the NSA, and worked your way though seemingly impossible situations and locations. More often than enough, you weren’t allowed to kill your enemies. And on very few occasions, you had to avoid any contact at all, which really made it more difficult. This game never fails to raise my heart levels. I know I must have lost weight playing this game lol.

Work your way through your environments to complete your objectives. Gather intelligence through interrogation, espionage and other means – all stealthly and undetected.

8. Assassins Creed (Playstation 3) This game plays with your imagination and inspires you to look upon history with different eyes. In different eras in different games, you play different characters. Most well-known is probably Ezio as he spanned 3 games (3 years too). The game has inspired people to question the true nature of reality and the importance of what really happened in history. As this is a newish game, I wont divulge too much if you aren’t familiar with it. I do recommend you get them. The story line is based on the beliefs and faith of various religious and spiritual groups around the world – and conspiracy theorists.

Scale buildings and explore the landscape to uncover truth and defeat the templars.

9. SOCOM: Confrontation (Playstation 3) This game didn’t have a storyline. It was purely online play. Choose to play as Mercenary or Commando and kit out as you want to make your character unique. This games tests strategy and teamwork abilities. The 3rd person shooter games has a variety of online maps which you can join a team to fight the opposing faction. The terrain is realistic, as are the equipment and characters.

SOCOM: Confrontation offered intense online game play. Though you’ll find everyone does their own thing. There is no teamwork

10. The Sims (Playstation 2/3) Everyone who has played the sims has loved it. Create many characters or a virtual you to live and struggle through life in this cyber-universe. You can choose if to destroy your sims life or to fulfil his/her dreams. Live in a shack and work your way up to a mansion. People class it as a God game as you can control every action your sim takes and every aspect of its life – friends, career, etc. But I would class it as an educational game. It teaches us that we need an avatar for a higher intelligence or consciousness to be able to interact in a lower/cyber reality. Much like our bodies on earth and the source of our consciousness 😉

The Sims 2 allowed you to be abducted by aliens! That was pretty fun!

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