The Ascensionist is a guy living in the United Kingdom and co-founder of the Golden Age Ascensionists – a think tank, spiritual group who meet to meditate, talk about current affairs and discuss spiritualism and the spiritual aspects of life.

The Ascensionist is currently working on projects to help awaken other human beings and raise their vibrations to help them transition into the next age and dimension smoothly.

Leaning towards Buddhism, though no particular sect or path, he also studies other ancient spiritual teachings and aspects in a personal quest to find truth and spiritual fulfilment, while practising the eightfold path to detach himself from suffering cause by desire.

The newest project in which he is looking into is to create a free and independent society of like-minded people. People who are spiritual, people who are truthers… so long as their path is a path that shows respect to other faiths who respect peace and the right for humanity to live in peace and freedom.

The project will allow people from multiple walks of life live free from bankers and monetary systems, free from tyranny and oppression, free from war hostilities and allow true freedom of speech and thought to thrive, not be bound or constrained by the will of any elite or organise religious body by means of political correctness or ridiculing you because you think freely and say what you feel.

The Ascensionist feels that compassion, tolerance, love and peace are what will make a safe haven for those who want the same in life and to get back in touch with nature, reconnecting with the cosmos and mother earth, boosting their spirituality and raising their vibrations on a level of peace and love.

Please enjoy the blog and check back regularly for his thoughts, updates and vibes.

Shared with love,

The Ascensionist

Namaste _/\_


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