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Anti-War website sues FBI for spying on them

Anti-war website,, is suing the FBI for spying on their journalists.

Russia Today, a news and media platform renowned for touching on subject that could be catagorised as alternative media, revealed that staff at intend to sue the FBI for spying on them.

You can watch the video here:


My Response to BBC’s World Have Your Say in regards to the UK Government voting “no” to military action in Syria

Browsing facebook this morning and I saw that the BBC World Service’s “World Have Your Say”, was looking for people to upload their video responses to the recent vote by Parliament about going to war in Syria. Thankfully, the governments war motion was defeated – by just 13 votes.

So here is a transcript of my video response, which they will unlikely use:

Hi BBC, It’s The Ascensionist here from the Western most part of the UK. And this is my response to the UK Parliament voting “No” on a military intervention in Syria.

I doubt you’ll use this video after hearing what I have to say and to give my opinions on the situation in Syria and the recent vote by Parliament not to take military action in Syria – yet.

So in the unlikely event that you show this video, I’ll be uploading this response to a few popular video sharing websites.

Let me start off by saying that I think it’s great news that the government has voted no to taking military in action in Syria based on fictional propaganda. But don’t be fooled into thinking that that’s the end of it. It’s not.

David Cameron and many other politicians seem to be hell-bent on taking military action in Syria. Even the war-criminal Tony B-LIAR, Sorry… *COUGH* Blair is calling for military action.

And it’s not just our politicians either. International leaders and defence ministers are applying pressure on all Western nations and trying to convince the people to take part in military action. Not surprisingly, the US government seem rather keen to lead and execute a military operation in Syria, along with the French Presidency and even the European Union.

All these countries seem to be rather keen on military intervention despite no credible evidence of chemical weapons having been used by Assad’s forces at all.

However, there is compelling evidence to say that the Muslim Brotherhood-backed, Free Syrian Army have used chemical weapons, disturbingly, not upon Assad’s forces but civilians, and have then attempted to pin the blame on the so called, “Assad Regime”. A worn-out term used heavily by the BBC.

But where are our politicians to condemn the rebels? Why aren’t they coming out and condemning the rebels? Well it doesn’t take a genius to see it. Our western governments are backing the rebels. Heck, they’re even equipping and funding the self proclaimed ‘Free Syrian Army’ and supplying them with – wait for it – chemical weapons.

And if you don’t believe me, search for it using good search engines. There are videos all over the internet showing Syrian rebels talking about and using Chemical weapons. There’s a leaked email from Britam Defence Ltd saying that they have an offer, which is approved by Washington, to deliver a “G-Shell”, which is a gas-shell, to the rebels in Syria. And that the gas shell resembles Soviet Era shells.

The email even goes on to say that they are needing “actors” with “Slavic” features to speak and dress as uniformed Russian soldiers and pretend to be captured by the rebels and claim they were inserted into Syria by Russian Warships.

A news report from an unbiased Station originally broadcast on or before the 16th of June, showed a testimony from a United Nations panel that rebel groups – not the Assad regime – was responsible for the use of chemical weapons. In general, Sarin Nerve gas.

And there is so much more I could go on to say. But I’ll try to keep this as short as possible.

But in basic, I think it’s great news that the UK government, for now, has decided not to take part in any military intervention, and It’s heart warming to see that a majority of Britons are aware that going to war in Syria would be illegal and unjust.

There is simply no evidence, from a credible source at least, that the Assad Regime have used chemical weapons. There is ample evidence to show us that the rebels have used chemical weapons, and even incendiary weapons. And one has to question, just where is this terrorist group getting such weapons from? Upon further investigation, there are numerous sources that show that the US government has funded and supplied the Syrian rebels.

Many more people are aware that there’s more going on in Syria than what we’re being led to believe by our governments and mainstream media sources. And I urge people to start thinking for themselves and to investigate this for themselves. And I’m sure you will be shocked to learn what is actually happening in regards to the situation in Syria.

So that’s pretty much what I’ve got to say on the Syrian situation. Now, let’s see if you’ll use this.

What’s really going on in Syria? Step back and see the bigger picture for yourself.

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, hasn’t it? I’ve been very busy over the past handful of months. Big changes in my life and it seems that time has been speeding up. Everything seems to be happening one after the other.

I come to my blog today to get a few things off my chest that are bothering me. Well, one thing in particular. This supposed crisis in Syria. What exactly is going on there? What’s going to happen? What is the truth?

If you haven’t noticed the massive propaganda campaign from our governments and mainstream media outlets about Syria over the past couple of years and especially the past few months, then something is seriously wrong. I urge you to step back and see the bigger picture. Something is just not right. And you should notice it when your government and the mainstream media sources seem to be constantly bombarding us with negative news about Syria and pinning the blame upon the “Assad regime”.

So not only is this for me to get off my chest what is alarming me, it is also for me to get the truth out there of what is actually going on. To expose what is going on behind closed doors. I will highlight the apparent propaganda campaign in order to drum up western support for military intervention in Syria with evidence and information I’ve come across during some research.

Keep in mind that there are several forks in this trail. There have been so many things happening under our noses and behind closed doors. I would need more time to explore the many branches in this path.

This is also a plea to our MPs in the UK to be opposed to military intervention in Syria. To vote no when the time comes to vote on action in Syria. I don’t expect you to take my word for it. I will provide relevent links and evidence to prove that this is just part of a bigger plan to take over the Middle East to rape the lands of its oil, gold and other resources. Going to war in Syria is not in the interests of our nation, our people or way of life. It is in the interests of banks, corporations and pharmaceutical companies.

Some of the things I’ll say will cause people to brand me a “traitor”, a “terrorist”, a “loon”, a “crazy man” and even a “conspiracy theorist”. But if I could just point out that I am none of the above. I cannot have allegiance to a “government”, especially if they don’t uphold their duty to serve the people of the nation and their interests. Remember, our supposedly democratic government (in reality, democracy doesn’t exist here) is supposed to serve the people – to represent the people – of the land. The people are not supposed to be in service to the government. The government is to be held accountable to the people. Sounds a bit socialist… which I’m not. If anyone had to define my “politics”, it would be right-wing.

My allegiance lies with truth. With humanity. With Mother Earth and the universe. It’s easy to blindly follow a crowd. But takes immense courage to stand with what is right and what is true – even if you stand alone. And right now, I stand with what is right. I stand with the truth. And if you’re an elected representative, voting no on military intervention in Syria will gain my trust, support and admiration.

A terrorist I am not, either. I do not agree with using fear and intimidation to promote an agenda. I do not support state sponsored or militia terrorism. Don’t misinterpret my stance here as siding with Muslims or the Arabs. I cannot respect an ideology, faith or belief system, political and/or law system that encourages strange, cruel and unusual punishments for not following their set belief system. I cannot respect an ideology that teaches that non-believers must die and those who leave the faith must die either.

But at the same time, I cannot have respect or faith in an ideology that wages an unjustified war for commercial and corporate purposes. Nor for greed or imperialism.

I’m not a loon or crazy man either. I’m simply telling the truth. And an important truth that people need to know.

And lastly, I’m not really a conspiracy theorist. Though sometimes I do use the term to describe myself to ordinary people. I don’t sit and formulate alternative theories to things that are going on around me. Rather, I am a truth seeker. I am in pursuit of truth and peace and love. And those are qualities I want to share with the world – with all life. I believe in promoting truth and encouraging others to do the same.

So please, read what I have to say. I don’t ask you to believe me word for word. But I do ask that you begin research of your own. Look into the truth behind the Syrian situation. Look at the things I have uncovered for yourself. Links will be provided to each of my sources.

Let me begin by saying that military invasion of Syria was planned by the US and its allies long before the crisis started there. According to research by Professor Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research in Montreal, Canada, the US are planning to mirror the tactics in Syria that was used in Iraq and in Central America before that. The tactic is known today as the “Salvador Option”, where the US special forces would operate actively in a location to recruit “death squads” which would be sponsored by the US Government.

In El Salvador back in the early 80’s, The US Government sponsored death squads to fight against the military dictatorship, resulting in deaths circa. 75,000.

This same tactic was employed in Iraq and was confirmed by the Pentagon in January 2005. The tactic was borrowed from the American struggle against left-wing guerrillas in Central America 20 years ago.

During the activity of the US Sponsored death squads in Iraq, they crossed the border into Syria to assassinate and captured selected targets. In a quote from the Pentagon:

… Iraqi and American forces would be sent to kill or kidnap insurgency leaders, even in Syria, where some are thought to shelter.

A link is provided below for you to read for yourself. However, upon trying to re-access it, it seems to have been taken down. It is my hope that the internal server error will be resolved soon.

As government forces continue to confront the self-proclaimed “Free Syrian Army”, the historical roots of the West’s covert war on Syria must be fully revealed.

From the outset in March 2011, the US and its allies have supported the formation of death squads and the incursion of terrorist brigades in a carefully planned undertaking. And I will now present evidence of that claim.

A document that appeared on the internet in around January 2013, revealed that a false flag attack on Syrian citizens was about to take place and was orchestrated by western powers.

An email discovered from the megabytes of data hacked from the servers of Britam Defence Ltd. revealed that western governments were moving Soviet origin gas shells to be used on Syria and the blame was to be pinned on the legitimate government of Syria.

Screen cap of the email that was obtained by hacking the servers of Britam Defence Ltds servers. We cannot find who obtained this information.

The email, sent by Britam Defence’s Business Development Director David Goulding to Dynamic Director of the firm Phillip Doughty, who is a former SAS officer:on the 24th December 2012,  reads:


We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.

We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.

They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards David

This is disturbing and needs an independent public enquiry. How can we let such people behind this get away with war crimes?!

In case you need clarification, “CW” is the standard abbreviation for “Chemical Weapons” and a “g-shell” is a gas bomb.

A tell-tale sign that military intervention is on the agenda and has been for the past few years can be read in this chilling warning from Obama, take from the source:

Taking into account the memorable Barack Obama’s warning that the ‘use or even transportation of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would represent a “red line” that would precipitate military intervention’, a message he reiterated last month after the election to the second term, the plotted operation, if carried out, would provide an ideal pretext for the foreign intervention into Syria. Israel has voiced the same warnings last week.

The source also goes on to say that propaganda videos will be made that will depict Russian soldiers (uniformed or speaking Russian) carrying out attacks on civilians in Syrian cities. These “soldiers” will be played by actors who look Slavic and who can handle firearms.

Since the end of December 2012 Western, Israeli and Gulf sources have been playing up ‘rumors’ about ‘Russian troops fighting for Assad’ and ‘Russian forces taking Syrian C&B weapons under control’. The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seyassah has recently published a couple of ‘Western intelligence reports’ stating that ‘Assad had already transferred chemical weapons to the terrorists’. On January 15 the US Foreign Policy journal made public a ‘secret State Department cable’ concluding that ‘the Syrian military likely used chemical weapons against its own people in a deadly attack last month’.

Most likely the public opinion is being prepared for the ‘breathtaking videos’ depicting Russian-uniformed or Russian-speaking ‘soldiers’ allegedly committing atrocities against civilians in the Syrian cities or applying toxic gases there.

In this context we should not forget the reports circulating since last year that the rebel fighters in Syria had been given gas masks and were willing to stage a chemical weapons attack which would then be blamed on the Assad regime to grease the skids for NATO military intervention.

The information about Western and Middle East special services recruiting militants with Slavic features to play a role of Russian ‘mercenaries’ allegedly captured by Syrian opposition fighters was released by the Russian media in the middle of January. They quoted a well-informed source as saying that ‘actors’ are being selected in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. They all must handle guns and able to operate anti-aircraft systems. According to the script, they should recognize in front of the cameras that they were recruited by the Russian special services with the aim of supporting the army of Bashar Assad. Also, they ought to say that they have allegedly been delivered to Syria by Russian warships.

According to the source, all this will be filmed in Turkey or Jordan, where fake demolished Syrian towns have already been built in the form of large-scale theatrical scenery. The same-type scenarios in Qatar were reportedly used during the information warfare against Libya in 2011.

You can read this for yourself by clicking the link below.

If that’s not disturbing enough, or even convincing, a former French Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas, has revealed that a plot was devised by several western countries and their allies to topple the Syrian government before the crisis started in Syria.

Dumas gave an interview to a SANA correspondent in Paris and revealed that while he was in the UK before the crisis began in Syria, he was invited to a party where he was asked if he would like to take part in preparations for an attack on Syria to topple the government. According to his testimony, he refused the offer.

Former French foreign minister, Roland Dumas.

He also went on to say that countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are involved in the fighting against the legitimate Syrian government.

He highlighted that some sides have a desire to destroy stong Arab states, such as what happened in Iraq and Libya and what is currently now being attempted in Syria. History really does have an awful habit of repeating itself, huh?

He also said that Israel plays a role in what is happening in Syria, pointing to the statements of Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, who said that Israel will attack and destroy any governments who stand against it, if an agreement wasn’t reached.

Link to source below:

Finally for this article, even the former US National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said that the ongoing crisis in Syria has been orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and their western allies.

Former US National Security Advisor, Brzezinski Zbigniew

He is quoted:

In late 2011 there [were] outbreaks in Syria produced by drought and abetted by two well-known autocracies in the Middle East: Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

He revealed that Obama supported the unrest in Syria and suddenly announced that President Bashar al-Assad:

Has to go – Without, apparently, any real preparation for making that happen.

Then in the spring of 2012, the election year here, the CIA under General Petraeus, according to the New York Times of March 24th of this year, a very large-scale effort to assist the Qataris and Saudis and link them somehow with the Turks in that effort.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, called on US officials to push much more urgently to draw in Russia, China and other regional powers to reach some kind of peaceful end to the Syrian Crisis.

It’s also important to note that Brzezinski warned against any US-led invasion of Syria or the supplying of arms or funds to the supposed rebel groups.

Link to this can be found below:

So, have you woken up yet that what we are about to endure is a war, planned by western governments and triggered by a false-flag attack? Maybe you think false-flag attacks carried out by our western governments is nonsense?

A copy of the original declassified document which set out the proposal and plans to carry out Operation Northwoods

I refer you to Operation Northwoods. Operation Northwoods was revealed to the world when a document was declassified and made available to the world which detailed a proposed false flag attack on US civilians, cities, governmental buildings and military establishments, which were to be blamed on communist Cuba, in order to generate public support for military invasion of Cuba. Luckily, this tactic was rejected by the Kennedy Administration.

You can read more about Operation Northwoods here.

So please. Now that you have this information, stand back and see what is really going on. Do not believe a word the mainstream media and your government is telling you about Syria. It’s false. Do not support any more wars in the Middle East. And if you’re an MP, please, vote no to a military intervention in Syria.

Peace and light to you all.

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