I’ll admit, sometimes tolerance and forgiveness in spirituality is hard…

As I was out with friends today, I happened to check my emails on my phone at about 7 o’ clock. I had an email sent to me by someone breaking the news that a young man, possibly a British Soldier, was hacked to death in broad daylight in the streets of London by Muslim extremists. At first I was angry. Then I was deeply saddened. Then my negative thoughts opened the door to urges of revenge. Then hatred began to set in. When I was aware of the feeling of hatred, I quickly shut the door. I’m not letting it take over.

I quickly became aware of my thoughts and tried so much to be tolerant. It’s hard at this moment in time. You cannot be tolerant of murder in any shape or form. I try to have respect for other people and their walk of life. Be it their religion, race or creed, their lifestyle or culture. But I cannot have respect for a religion that claims to be peaceful when it is in fact not.

This applies to all desert religions. From Judaism to Christianity to Islam. Their religious books call for strange and unusual punishments for the simplest of things. This is why I left Christianity. Or one of the reasons anyway. Even though in todays modern world, Christianity and Judaism don’t enforce these cruel laws and have evolved to become more tolerant (to a degree), they still have these rules in their teachings. I cannot follow a faith that calls for people to be stoned to death or thrown off a mountain.

Islam however, as is continually proven by themselves, is totally intolerant of the “infidel” and continue to carry out such blood-thirsty punishments. I cannot show respect for a faith that calls for the killing of non-believers. I cannot respect a religion that restricts the thoughts and will of people. I cannot respect a way of life that is dangerous to life and hinders spiritual development.

If you rely on barbaric rules to be “moral” or a good-living person, then you need to forfeit your humanity. If you cannot find it within yourself to find peace and know right from wrong, you need to be reincarnated in a lower dimension to learn life’s lessons from scratch. In other words, you need to earn your humanity. You need to earn the right to be in this existence.

I say I don’t respect Islam – or won’t respect it, rather – but that doesn’t mean I hate Muslims. No. Far from it. I pity them to be truthful. My heart bleeds for them that they subject themselves to this terrible walk of life. I grieve for their spirits – their energy/astral bodies. For when they die, I doubt they’d reincarnate as a human anytime soon. They certainly won’t progess to higher dimensions. Their vibrational state will be much too low. They’ll either be sent to a lower dimension or incarnate in our dimension as a being of lower consciousness.

I don’t disrespect Muslims either. I honour the universe within every living being. I beg them to seek inner-peace. To seek out the unlimited unconditional love which flows from the highest source. Only then can peace be brought into this world. Peace cannot be implemented through war and conflict. It cannot be present if you are totally intolerant of differences. It cannot be possible if you convert a whole world to a barbaric way of life through violent actions (Jihad).

Just look at Christianity. Most of the world was Christian for hundreds of years. There have always been wars and conflicts among Christian nations and nations of another faith. We must have tolerance, we must first find peace with ourselves. Then, and only then, can we begin to live as one.

I fear the truth is that our world is not yet ready for this. We as a species on this planet are not ready for peace or to set our differences aside. The wars and massacres of today prove it. The people who preach hatred about those who are “different” prove it. Judaism and Christianity (the spiritual side of them anyway) are, in my view, progressing. Islam is stubborn, and still set in very primitive ways.

And it is with a heavy heart that I say this, but Islam is just not ready to live with other faiths around the world. It’s just not compatible with different systems and walks of life. Islam must adapt and find peace from within first. Then they can, when mature enough, begin to co-reside with other cultures, faiths and people.

What I feel is the best route now is for the people of the UK to stand together against this. To rise up and put their foot down and tell our government that enough is enough. We want peace and we want change. I think a large (very large) protest outside parliament buildings is necessary to call upon the government to do something about this. No longer should they try to shy off from the wrongs that followers of the Islamic faith commit. They should no longer try to justify their actions. They should no longer protect them from the law.

But if there is a protest going to take place, and I am sure it will, then I ask you from the bottom of my heart to keep it peaceful. I cannot stress that enough. Violence is not the answer. You cannot fight bigotry with bigotry. That’s like trying to save a sinking vessle by adding more water to it. You can, however, fight this with truth, peace and ultimately love.

What we need to do is to press our government to hold a referendum on the EU – now. We need to leave it. They control our deportation policy, most of our laws and they protect criminals with the ridiculous “human rights”. There are no such thing as “human rights”. Those “rights” are government given. No government or person can give or deny rights. But there are “universal birth rights”. These are the basic rights every living thing is born with. The right to be free of will, thought and deed. These rights are governed by the law of Karma. With Karma in mind, you should not be doing anything wrong, like taking the life of another being or taking what is not given to you. It’s also common sense.

Along with the right of free will and thought, we also have the right to live in peace, in safety, without fear, without tyranny and of course the right to face the consequences of our actions. We cannot live in these conditions if we live with a way of life that is cruel and full of hate. Hate is a disease and infectious. They only way to stop it is love and tolerance.

If our government refuse to do anything to address this and take steps to ensure peace (peacefully), then the government should be sacked by the people. Just like in Iceland.

I call for a stand against injustice and evil. A stand against tyranny and hate. We can do this, but only through peaceful methods. Please, for all that is good, please don’t go violent. Please don’t take any more lives. And eye for an eye is not justice or justification. Let our “leaders” know that we have had enough of this. We cannot go on like this anymore, for if we do, more blood will be spilled due to hatred –  and the thought of which saddens me.

In basic, this is what I feel should be done.

  • Protest outside Westminster (keep it peaceful)
  • Demand our government to take steps to deal with this (Leave the EU, deport and lock up worst offenders)
  • Bring our troops home from Afghanistan (The wars in the Middle East are illegal, we shouldn’t be there)
  • Call for reforms in governance (Just as with Jury Duty, have Government Duty (true democracy))
  • Call upon religious and community leaders to help resolve these issues of hate
  • Teach mindfulness to everyone (particularly children)
  • Teach universal truths to everyone (we are one. We are all that was, is and ever will be)

I’m not sure how to end this. But after writing this, my anger has changed to sadness. I still have my tolerance intact, but I’m afraid I have an absence of respect, not for the Muslim people, but for the Islamic faith and principles.

I can only urge you to please, not retaliate violently. Do not reflect bitter hatred towards the Islamic community. Do not call for violence and do not support it. Emotions will run high, and I understand that. And it will be very hard not to feel hatred. But be calm in the knowledge that what goes around, comes around. We live in a universe governed by karma – the law of cause and effect.

Be peaceful and show peace. Don’t let hate manifest into ugly actions and do not hold on to your anger. What I do encourage you to do, is to speak up and stand up against this.

Love and light to all. And may that poor soldier rest in peace. May the family and friends of the victims find peace within themselves and manifest this into forgiveness. Namu Amida Butsu



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