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I’ll admit, sometimes tolerance and forgiveness in spirituality is hard…

As I was out with friends today, I happened to check my emails on my phone at about 7 o’ clock. I had an email sent to me by someone breaking the news that a young man, possibly a British Soldier, was hacked to death in broad daylight in the streets of London by Muslim extremists. At first I was angry. Then I was deeply saddened. Then my negative thoughts opened the door to urges of revenge. Then hatred began to set in. When I was aware of the feeling of hatred, I quickly shut the door. I’m not letting it take over.

I quickly became aware of my thoughts and tried so much to be tolerant. It’s hard at this moment in time. You cannot be tolerant of murder in any shape or form. I try to have respect for other people and their walk of life. Be it their religion, race or creed, their lifestyle or culture. But I cannot have respect for a religion that claims to be peaceful when it is in fact not.

This applies to all desert religions. From Judaism to Christianity to Islam. Their religious books call for strange and unusual punishments for the simplest of things. This is why I left Christianity. Or one of the reasons anyway. Even though in todays modern world, Christianity and Judaism don’t enforce these cruel laws and have evolved to become more tolerant (to a degree), they still have these rules in their teachings. I cannot follow a faith that calls for people to be stoned to death or thrown off a mountain.

Islam however, as is continually proven by themselves, is totally intolerant of the “infidel” and continue to carry out such blood-thirsty punishments. I cannot show respect for a faith that calls for the killing of non-believers. I cannot respect a religion that restricts the thoughts and will of people. I cannot respect a way of life that is dangerous to life and hinders spiritual development.

If you rely on barbaric rules to be “moral” or a good-living person, then you need to forfeit your humanity. If you cannot find it within yourself to find peace and know right from wrong, you need to be reincarnated in a lower dimension to learn life’s lessons from scratch. In other words, you need to earn your humanity. You need to earn the right to be in this existence.

I say I don’t respect Islam – or won’t respect it, rather – but that doesn’t mean I hate Muslims. No. Far from it. I pity them to be truthful. My heart bleeds for them that they subject themselves to this terrible walk of life. I grieve for their spirits – their energy/astral bodies. For when they die, I doubt they’d reincarnate as a human anytime soon. They certainly won’t progess to higher dimensions. Their vibrational state will be much too low. They’ll either be sent to a lower dimension or incarnate in our dimension as a being of lower consciousness.

I don’t disrespect Muslims either. I honour the universe within every living being. I beg them to seek inner-peace. To seek out the unlimited unconditional love which flows from the highest source. Only then can peace be brought into this world. Peace cannot be implemented through war and conflict. It cannot be present if you are totally intolerant of differences. It cannot be possible if you convert a whole world to a barbaric way of life through violent actions (Jihad).

Just look at Christianity. Most of the world was Christian for hundreds of years. There have always been wars and conflicts among Christian nations and nations of another faith. We must have tolerance, we must first find peace with ourselves. Then, and only then, can we begin to live as one.

I fear the truth is that our world is not yet ready for this. We as a species on this planet are not ready for peace or to set our differences aside. The wars and massacres of today prove it. The people who preach hatred about those who are “different” prove it. Judaism and Christianity (the spiritual side of them anyway) are, in my view, progressing. Islam is stubborn, and still set in very primitive ways.

And it is with a heavy heart that I say this, but Islam is just not ready to live with other faiths around the world. It’s just not compatible with different systems and walks of life. Islam must adapt and find peace from within first. Then they can, when mature enough, begin to co-reside with other cultures, faiths and people.

What I feel is the best route now is for the people of the UK to stand together against this. To rise up and put their foot down and tell our government that enough is enough. We want peace and we want change. I think a large (very large) protest outside parliament buildings is necessary to call upon the government to do something about this. No longer should they try to shy off from the wrongs that followers of the Islamic faith commit. They should no longer try to justify their actions. They should no longer protect them from the law.

But if there is a protest going to take place, and I am sure it will, then I ask you from the bottom of my heart to keep it peaceful. I cannot stress that enough. Violence is not the answer. You cannot fight bigotry with bigotry. That’s like trying to save a sinking vessle by adding more water to it. You can, however, fight this with truth, peace and ultimately love.

What we need to do is to press our government to hold a referendum on the EU – now. We need to leave it. They control our deportation policy, most of our laws and they protect criminals with the ridiculous “human rights”. There are no such thing as “human rights”. Those “rights” are government given. No government or person can give or deny rights. But there are “universal birth rights”. These are the basic rights every living thing is born with. The right to be free of will, thought and deed. These rights are governed by the law of Karma. With Karma in mind, you should not be doing anything wrong, like taking the life of another being or taking what is not given to you. It’s also common sense.

Along with the right of free will and thought, we also have the right to live in peace, in safety, without fear, without tyranny and of course the right to face the consequences of our actions. We cannot live in these conditions if we live with a way of life that is cruel and full of hate. Hate is a disease and infectious. They only way to stop it is love and tolerance.

If our government refuse to do anything to address this and take steps to ensure peace (peacefully), then the government should be sacked by the people. Just like in Iceland.

I call for a stand against injustice and evil. A stand against tyranny and hate. We can do this, but only through peaceful methods. Please, for all that is good, please don’t go violent. Please don’t take any more lives. And eye for an eye is not justice or justification. Let our “leaders” know that we have had enough of this. We cannot go on like this anymore, for if we do, more blood will be spilled due to hatred –  and the thought of which saddens me.

In basic, this is what I feel should be done.

  • Protest outside Westminster (keep it peaceful)
  • Demand our government to take steps to deal with this (Leave the EU, deport and lock up worst offenders)
  • Bring our troops home from Afghanistan (The wars in the Middle East are illegal, we shouldn’t be there)
  • Call for reforms in governance (Just as with Jury Duty, have Government Duty (true democracy))
  • Call upon religious and community leaders to help resolve these issues of hate
  • Teach mindfulness to everyone (particularly children)
  • Teach universal truths to everyone (we are one. We are all that was, is and ever will be)

I’m not sure how to end this. But after writing this, my anger has changed to sadness. I still have my tolerance intact, but I’m afraid I have an absence of respect, not for the Muslim people, but for the Islamic faith and principles.

I can only urge you to please, not retaliate violently. Do not reflect bitter hatred towards the Islamic community. Do not call for violence and do not support it. Emotions will run high, and I understand that. And it will be very hard not to feel hatred. But be calm in the knowledge that what goes around, comes around. We live in a universe governed by karma – the law of cause and effect.

Be peaceful and show peace. Don’t let hate manifest into ugly actions and do not hold on to your anger. What I do encourage you to do, is to speak up and stand up against this.

Love and light to all. And may that poor soldier rest in peace. May the family and friends of the victims find peace within themselves and manifest this into forgiveness. Namu Amida Butsu



Sunspots and The Earth

You’re bound to be familiar with the recent solar activity. There’s no escaping from it. It’s in  both mainstream and alternative news. It’s a buzzing topic on web forums and websites. There is no denying that the Sun is rasing a few eyebrows with people in the world.

Every 11 years, the Sun reaches the end of a small cycle. It’s peak is called the Solar Maximum. From my research a few years ago, I’ve learned that the Sun has longer cycles too, and when they peak the Sun goes bananas.

At the minute, the Sun is belching out large solar flares of the X-class – the most powerful. So far though, Earth has only got clipped by the waves of Solar radiation. The Sun last week fired out 4 X-class flares inside 2 days. Each missed a full on clash with the Earth.

The dramatic image of an X-class flare erupting last week.

However, there is something about this activity that has baffled scientists and conspiracy theorists alike. Earth seems to be killing off earth-facing sunspots. Massive sunspots –  some six times larger than the earth –  have decayed when pointing towards earth. The spots seem to lose polarity and their magnetic signatures when earth facing. Why? This has been going on for at least 2 years. It seems there is some sort of protection. But what that protection is, we don’t know. But it hasn’t stopped people offering theories as to what it is. In this blog entry, I’ll explore some of the more popular theories.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that earth not getting hit is a good thing. Earth needs to be hit by some flares in order to charge up its protection from the seriously dangerous flares and cosmic radiation. Earths magnetic field is currently weakening and we need that charge to keep it strong enough to protect us. So with that in mind, are we currently being protected from the purported “kill shot”, conspiracy circles have warned us about? We could very well be. Keep an open mind. But whatever is happening, it does appear that something, or someone, is protecting us.

What could be protecting us?

  • “The Hand of God”

 Could Divine intervention be protecting us? At the moment there is nothing to say that there isn’t. But if we were being protected by “God”, as some in cyberspace have suggested, then it would be contradictory of what is written in revelation, if we were to interpret it as the solar activity we’re having now:

[Revelation 16 v 8] And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

[v 9] And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

Many devout followers of Christianity all over the world are now convinced we’re in the biblical end times and the time of judgement is upon us. An example of which is of a YouTube member who is claims he is a Christian in the description box of a video he posted about an asteroid 2 miles long, called 1998 QE, which is due to pass close to earth (in astronomical terms) at a distance of no less than 3.6 million miles, making it 1998 QE2’s closest approach for about the next 200 years, on the 31st of May, this year. (I’ll probably blog about this soon).

Trajectory of 1998 QE2. NOTE: QE2 is not named after Queen Elizabeth II or the Ocean liner which was retired in 2008. (Right click on image and select view image to see full size)

He is quoted:

Ladies and gentlman this is the LAST CARD that is about to be played….. Before this guy started talking, the TV flashed the word “INVASION”.

Throughout his description box, there is an over-use in BLOCK CAPITALS! Which, to me personally, sort of discredits legitimate warnings. The invasion part is actually a news report on what appears to be an insect invasion. Perhaps a species not native to the States.

Many verses and signs in the book of Revelation can be interpreted to what is going on in the world today. Rumours of war, Plagues, fire and brimstone (asteroid collisions) famine and drought. But it appears, that if the book of revelation is anything to go by, “God’s” plan is to let us be hit by them. So why would he protect us? Maybe us ‘mortal’ humans cannot comprehend His divine plan. Maybe He is letting our natural shield degrade enough until He decides to unleash the ‘kill shot’. Maybe there is no divine intervention at all. This is a theory that is open to debate – and I’m pretty sure it will be.


  • Mother Earth herself is stopping them

Another theory is that the Earth herself is stopping these flares – but not known how. People suggest that because Earth is connected to the Sun in more ways than one (consciously, magnetically (portals come under this too), through light, etc), she is forcing them to decay, though inexplicably. To me this is one of the most likely theories and something I’d be interested in investigating myself, when I get the time to do so. I feel it would be unfair at this point to form an opinion or reason for this as this is something I’m not familiar with.


  • Sunspots decaying when facing Earth? Aliens.

Another theory I would think to be among the most likely is Extraterrestrial intervention. Is the so-called Galactic Federation of Light protecting us? Or is it just Aliens in general?

This is a topic and field that has many branches and crossroads and would take ages to go down every path that you’d be led to. But some of the evidence that could support alien intervention is the sightings of strange objects (some larger than earth – even Jupiter) around the Sun. They go behind the Sun and ‘park’ beside it. Others have claimed that they come out of the Sun, and that the Sun is in fact hollow and a gateway to another dimensions. So the theory in basic… Inter-dimensional ETs come to this reality though the Sun. The light of which is the energy coming through the portal and the sunspots are holes on the surface.

While I’m open to the idea of the Sun being some sort of stargate, or containing a stargate, I don’t feel it explains why solar flares erupt and why they decay when facing the Earth. Keeping in mind that a majority of the solar flares seems to erupt on the other side of the Sun.

Another theory that could support ET intervention is that we are being protected by “watchers” who, according to some people in UFO groups, have been protecting us for millenia from invading, hostile, ETs. Some however dispute this and claim that all ETs are peaceful and would have to be in order to develop or pocess this technology. Though there is evidence out there to suggest that there have been wars fought in the cosmos, especially between Reptillians and Pleiadians. In fact, I got a book on this topic recently which I am yet to read. Will obviously report back to you lol.

But the ones involved in watching us could be protecting us. How? Again, this is a question that no one can answer. Why? You guessed it. No one has an indefinite answer. But some religions around the world claim that the Earth is a special planet in this universe and acts as an Academy or learner planet, where we come here to experience life in this reality to learn lessons for our spiritual development. Others say that it is a “hospital” planet, where we come to have a chance to shed bad karma. Perhaps this is why we’re being protected? Who knows.

A sub-theory of the alien protection theory is that the same extraterrestrials who are manipulating the Sun, are preparing to turn it into a hotter, blue star.

But with sightings of large cube, sphere and artificial shaped objects around the Sun, it does (and will), contribute to the many theories circulating today.

A strange, large object seen out by the Sun. It seems to have 3 dimensional form and looks to be an artificial structure. Could it be an alien ship?


  • Powerful energetic pull from Galactic core.

This reason is probably the best of all. At the moment, the far side of the sun is facing the galactic core. And without passing through the “photon belt”, the galactic equator if you will, we will be experiencing strange effects as we travel through this energy band.

Artist impression of the galactic plane and the cyclic movement of our system through it.

Some have suggested that powerful forces coming from the centre of our galaxy affects us gravitationally. This could be why the Sun is spewing large flares at the far side. But what happens when in about 6 months we’ll be on the other side of the Sun? Will we still be “protected”? That’s a good question and one of which I haven’t found an answer to. Though some are saying that the Sun will “correct itself” and then we could be facing the large X-class flares.

Conspiracy theorists claim that we are being warned by “The Powers That Be” (TPTB) in films and video games. An example of which is the Assassins Creed franchise where one of the main characters, Desmond, is to try to save the Earth from a devastating solar flare which almost wiped out “the first civilisation”. It’s an interesting game and it really does offer food for thought. But is it giving us subliminal messages of what to expect? Who knows.

Desmond meets some of the “first civilisation” who are in holographic form. The share with him the story of the destruction the kill shot eons ago upon their civilisation

Its reported by some that planetary alignments with the Sun and the centre of the galaxy spawn wild weather events on earth and even contribute to conflicts and wars, with some linking this to the amplified energy from the galactic core. People have presented their evidence to suggest this, but I myself cannot vouch the legitimacy of these claims as I haven’t investigated it myself, so I cannot rule out manipulated numbers or figures.

But a member of the forums at is quoted as saying:

Ok , last sunspot-record was Nov 13th 2012. The days immediately after we had the escalating conflict in Israel (Gaza) + we had a major uptick in geological activity, with 7 major earthquakes in that week. Markets also the whole week in the red, and I could go on, and on, and on…

So does the reason why earth is being spared lie in cosmology? It seems to be the likely candidate. But let’s be careful and mindful not to close off our minds to any reason until it can be confirmed that it isn’t a contributing cause.


  • HAARP… again

I’d be very surprised if this didn’t pop up as a reason. HAARP, these days is like “God” when it comes to explaining an unusual event. Instead of attributing a wonderous miracle or punishing disaster to “God”, some conspiracy theorists place all the credit with HAARP instead. Not dissing the conspiracy theorists in general (I’m one myself), but using HAARP all the time to try to give reason to an event, without any evidence backing it up, is a bit tiresome and makes all conspiracy theorists look quackers to the sheeple. That’s not to say that HAARP isn’t responsible for events that have happened. There has been some pretty convincing evidence to suggest that HAARP has been responsible for many earthquakes and perhaps some strange weather patterns.

While I have come across no evidence to suggest HAARP is responsible for the sunspot activity, I would place this as one of the most least likely causes. We’re talking sunspots that Earth could fit inside easily 6 times. Do you think an array of aerials and energy from a small dot on the earth could destroy multiple massive sunspots? Unlikely, in my opinion. But again, I won’t entirely rule it out. But going on intuition and logic, this doesn’t seem credible.


  • Planet X arrives

A theory that doesn’t seem all that popular is Nibiru. But would it be possible for a large planet like Nibiru (or mini-solar system) to affect the sunspot activity?

With a recent spate in asteroids and comets, most of which are unexpected, passing through the neighbourhood, some people are attributing it to the gravitational effects of a large planet, pulling small planetary objects out of their orbits in the asteroid belt, and flinging them towards the sun.

If Nibiru or large planet is on the other side of the Sun, could its gravitational and magnetic fields be drawing sunspots or forming sunspots on the side of the sun facing it? I would say it’s possible – if it were Nibiru or mini-solar system.

But according to some researchers, Nibiru (Planet X), would be coming up on the planetary plane on the underside. People have put pictures and footage on the net purportedly showing a massive object seen from the south pole, which they claim to be Nibiru. However, Nibiru is supposed to be invisible, if ancient descriptions are accurate, and surrounded in a dark, red cloud and have small planet-like objects orbiting it.

Artists impression of the orbit of Nibiru

Though if we take ancient texts and descriptions into account, according to some people who study this field, Nibiru should be here anytime soon. Some people expect this strange solar activity to last up until 2016 where we reach the end of many cycles.

So the Nibiru theory? I’m sort of on the fence about it. Until I know enough about Nibiru and take other factors into account, I won’t feel much about the theory. But if it is Nibiru, I’m pretty damn sure we’ll all find out soon about it.


These are some of the theories that I have found when scratching the surface of this topic. I’ve also found that people are claiming that the high number of sunspots forming is “unusual”. But the first question that came into my mind is “How do you know?”

How do we know if this is unusual? The Sun goes through many cycles over the course of thousands of years. We haven’t observed the sun long enough to know what is unusual and what is normal. Maybe this us a normal thing to happen after hundreds or even thousands of years. Some people commenting on forums claiming that it’s unusual, are only about 15-20 judging by some of their profile information. If a guy is now 15 years old, does that mean when he was 4, he was studying the last peak of the 11 year solar cycle? I’d doubt it.

What I’d urge people to do is not to quickly judge what is normal and what isn’t for the Sun. Until we study the sun and keep records of hundreds of thousands of years, we will never know what is normal at the end of each cycle.

So for now, just sit back and accept what’s going on for what it is. Keep up to date with events in the world and on the Sun. I know the next few years will be fascinating to witness.

Namaste 😀

Is “Official” Disclosure Imminent?

The internet has been buzzing with topics relating to UFOlogy as of late. The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C at the National Press Club, Government Officials appearing on Mainstream Media talking openly about their stance on UFOs and extraterrestrial life and the new, long-awaited, documentary film from Dr. Steven Greer, ‘Sirius‘.

Dr. Steven Greer MD, founder of the Disclosure Project

There are all stepping-stones to what some call “Disclosure” from world governments into admitting, primarily, that aliens have and continue to visit Earth. If we get deeper into the Disclosure Project, people want the US government to admit that there are currently living ETs working with military officials. This was revealed at the NPC during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure by Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Minister of Defense.

There has been a lot of hype about this whole disclosure project, with some in UFOlogy circles hoping this will force an admission out of western governments – particularly the USA.

But I must ask, do people really need their government to tell them that UFOs and ETs exist? To me – this is just my personal opinion – people who are relying on their government to tell them stuff, are in effect letting their government think for them. We all have a mind of our own. Why not use it?

I like to think of myself as a free-thinker. Let’s not raise age-old philosophical questions here. I mean, I like to think for myself. Not rely on someone bearing a title to tell me what to believe and what not to believe, what to think and what not to think, what to say and what not to say and what to do and what not to do.

Nick Pope. Skeptic-turned-believer, after working for the MoD investigating UFOs

Nick Pope. Skeptic-turned-believer, after working for the MoD investigating UFOs

Do we really need a “disclosure”? unfortunately, there are some people in the world (namely skeptics and religious persons (both extreme ends of the spectrum)) who will not think outside of a box that is drawn around them, either by themselves (skeptics) or for them (conservatively religious). Skeptics close off their mind to everything, unless it is scientifically proven or told to them by a scientist. Even then in some cases, if it doesn’t fit in to their rationale or sense of reasoning, they will concoct an explanation which is far more zany than a UFO or something of a paranormal nature.

Religious people on the other hand (talking about the fanatics and extremists) refuse to think for themselves unless their Holy Book says so, or a religious leader tells them what to think. Their reasoning for things that they don’t agree with is usually, “the work of the devil” or evil.

I, on the other hand like to take the “middle way”. I have said that in so many of my blog posts. I like to formulate my own truths based on what I see, feel and experience, while also applying what resonates with me, what I feel to be true and by opening my mind to every possibility. What I do here is mix logic with faith. Having the right balance of each, to me at least, is the best path to go down. We don’t need someone of authority or a higher being to tell us what to believe and what not to believe.

A lot of people I speak to about UFOlogy ask me “If aliens landed here, why is there no evidence?”. I can only respond with the truth. “Anytime you see evidence or read about it, you reject it. How can anyone present evidence to you when you are intent on rejecting it right from the beginning?” That’s the common problem. People simply don’t wish to believe it, because it threatens to shake the very foundations of who they are – their beliefs.

I’m not trying to convert people. People simply ask my opinion. I give it to them. They don’t like it. They get hostile and attempt to attack and/or ridicule my belief simply because it differs from theirs.

So why do people need disclosure when evidence of their existence can be found all around us? Alien visitation is not a recent thing. It didn’t start with Kenneth Arnold or Roswell incident. Though Kenneth was the one who coined the term “flying saucer”, because of his description of the flight characteristic of several unidentified craft. Evidence stretches way back into history. All the way back to the times of Sumer.

Pilot and Businessman, Kenneth Arnold, explains what he saw.

Religions have spawned from UFO and alien visits. Visits are documented in ancient texts such as the Old Testament, Sumerian Cylinder Seals and Clay tables. They’re documented in statues, carvings, paintings and drawings. Remote tribes around the world tell of their origins from the “star people” and how those visitors gave their ancestors the advanced knowledge that we simply don’t have today. One tribe of particular interest is the Dogon Tribe, located in west Africa, who stunned explorers and scientists of their knowledge of the Sirius star system. The Dogons were able to tell us that Sirius was actually 3 stars. One of which was invisible. It’s only in recent times that we have been able to confirm this. How did the Dogons know? They claim that beings from that star system told them. Who’s to dispute that?

An artists interpretation of Ezekiel meeting Yahweh (God) and his description of the event. Reading it today, we can easily identify artificial craft being describe by Ezekiel

Legends and stories about “gods” and “demigods” alike spawn from ancient times. In recent times however, some of the “mythology” has been proven to have taken place, thanks to the finds of archaeological evidence.

The genealogy of the “gods” can be traced to people living today. A good example of which is our royal dynasties – the “blue bloods”, thanks to their rare blood type, which some researchers suggest originates “off-planet”. Ancient records tell us that the “gods” mated with our women, producing demigods. Some records even suggest that when the ‘gods’ returned to the heavens (the sky), they left the demigods to rule over their regions.

A detailed family tree of the Greek gods who “came from the heavens”. Ancient texts not only document their genealogy, but their quarrels, accomplishments and family feuds. (Right click and select view image to get full size)

The list of evidence in ancient times is virtually endless. But it’s ignored by most, if not all, branches of mainstream science, simply because it doesn’t fit in with their ‘logical’ reasoning. Instead, they insult our ancestors and designate these accounts to the realm of fiction and mythology. According to our scientists, our ancestors were mathematically intelligent, but had to concoct stories so their simple and “primitive” minds can have an understaning of the universe.

Ancient depictions of “gods” traveling in winged disks. Could these disks been interpretations of flying vehicles?

Evidence in recent times? Footage has appeared all over the world of strange, unidentified craft. Pictures too, but unfortunately, technology is readily available at the click of a button that can manipulate images and films. But it seems that no matter what footage or stills emerge, they’re all assigned to the hoax pile. Those cases that genuinely can’t be explained are ignored by our leaders and smart alecs. No one, it seems, that is in a position of good standing, wants to believe that life can exist anywhere other than here. They deny that aliens can travel here, simply because humans haven’t yet mastered or even created inter-stellar propulsion devices themselves. But if we were to judge life in the universe solely on the model of human progress on earth, then our universe would be a sad, unhappy place

In 1952, A fleet of white flying disks flew over the white house. Whistle blowers claim it was the Greys. Skeptics have tried to brush this under the carpet

Whistleblowers have come out and spoke of governmental and military co-operation with ET life. People have revealed what they knew about Area 51, what happened at Roswell, UFO’s disarming nuclear warheads and what they found on the moon. They’re assumed to be bonkers, off their rocker or in it for the money.

It seems to make some people uneasy… the thought of life elsewhere in the universe. It makes some people uneasy of the idea that the human race may not be as advanced as we’d like to think – that we’re still primitive by universal standards. But the idea of being alone in the universe makes others uneasy.

A man who used to work on a USAF base spoke of how a missile carrying a nuclear war head to the moon was disarmed by an unidentified craft

But what I’m trying to say is, think for yourself. Don’t rely on someone with a title to tell you how to think. Look for the evidence yourself and be free. No one is any greater or lesser than you are. In this universe we are all equal. We know that aliens have and continue to visit us to this day. Evidence points towards it. And no, they won’t openly land among us because the world as a whole is just not ready for that. Think about it like this. If aliens landed in your country, what would be your first reaction? Disbelief? Hostility? A call to arms? I can guess it would at least be one of those three. The sad fact is that we humans are too primitive in modern times. Our answer to everything is war and conflict. Their answer however is that of peace and love. For if they intended on destroying us, they would have done a long, long, time ago.

So, while it seems that official disclosure is just around the corner, the question is would then everyone be accepting of it?

Namaste 😀

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