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Asteroid 2012 DA14

With 2 days to go before Asteroid 2012 DA14 is due to make a pass, I thought I would post some information about it.

It’s important to know that it’s encounter will be brief and won’t be visible to the naked eye. However, observatories are streaming their feeds live on the internet. Use a search engine to find out which ones.

It’s approach is from the underside of the earth. Some have called it “potentially hazardous”, though I personally disagree. The reason the asteroid is creating a buzz is because when it passes us, it will come between us and the orbit of some satellites. Companies and Corporations with satellites in orbit have been advised to move satellites out of the area at that time.

An artists impression of Asteroid 2012 DA14 as it passes the earth. Picture from

The asteroid is travelling about 6-8 times the speed of sound and thought to be as large as a 15 story building, with an estimated mass of 130,000-190,000 metric tons. DA14 will be at its closest point at approximately 1924 GMT which is about 1124 PST, at a distance of a mere 17,200 miles (or 27,700 km) That sounds far away but in astronomical terms, especially where asteroids and earth is concerned, this is on the scale of an atoms breadth. (An interesting fact is that it will be about one tenth the distance away from us than that of the moon). It will pass at that point over the Eastern part of the Indian Ocean approximately -6° south latitude and 97.5° East Longitude. If you’re a keen amature astronomer, that will be important to you.

Computer simulation of the projected path of DA14

It is thought that an asteroid of this size passes earth once every 40 years and strikes earth once every 1,200 years. While there is little chance that asteroid hits us it would be interesting to know what damage it would cause if it did.

According to a paragraph on Wikipedia, DA14 would enter the atmosphere at just over 7mi/s (12.7km/s) with the kinetic energy of 3.6 megatons of TNT – slightly less than the Tunguska incident (which I personally think wasn’t an asteroid but an alien craft. I’ll perhaps write-up why sometime). The air burst  it would create would be around the force of 2.9 megatons of TNT. Such forces would seriously destroy towns and cities should an asteroid of this calibre impact the earth.

Picture taken in 1908 after the Tunguska incident. Trees were felled pointing away from the epicentre of the event. To this day, scientists cannot agree on what caused this explosion. Some say asteroid, others have different opinions. With no proof means this incident is still a mystery over 106 years later.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 was discovered almost a year ago on the 23rd of February 2012 by astronomers at the Las Campanas Observatory in the Atacama Desert, Chile, which is owned and operated by the Carnegie Institution for Science.

DA14’s approach this week will reduce its orbit around the sun from 368 days to 317. Which means if calculations of its orbit is correct it will have its next close encounter on 15 February 2046 – exactly 34 years from now. It will be a close encounter, but a bit further away than its approach in 2 days time.

I guess I’ve covered most if not all of the interesting facts about Asteroid 2012 DA14. So… I will go whip up some lunch and end it here.

Namaste 😀


This is a rather interesting post. Though I think some of the pictures in the youtube video were proven to be forged. But the blog post here DOES raise many genuine curiosities and touches on truth.

Episode 3 Podcast Uploaded – “The Solar Storm Threat”

Hi guys

In light of the recent increase in solar activity and an update to my last blog entry, I have uploaded the podcast that was recorded on Friday the 8th of February. It is now available on Podomatic and will soon be available on iTunes.

Check out our latest podcast episode by clicking here.


From recording the Podcast, America’s Eastern states have been blanketed in snow. New England has been battered by hurricane force winds. Several Earthquakes around the world and the Solomon Islands are still being rocked by strong aftershocks, almost as strong as the 8.0 quake itself.

Animals deaths have been reported around the world, especially on the West coast of the Republic of Ireland, where dolphins were washed up dead on the shores of Kerry and Mayo. This is touched upon in the podcast.

We have also touched on Comet ISON and its approach and Asteroid 2012 DA14 that is to shave past earth on the 15th of February.

Please listen to the podcast and rate it both on iTunes and Podomatic.

Thank you!

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Solar Storm headed towards earth

A few days ago I was alerted to the possibility of a large solar storm striking the earth within days.

This is the video that explains what is currently going on. Watch further videos to see how current unusual weather and quakes are linked to the activity on the Sun.

It’s now cause for concern as the mainstream media are now reporting on this solar storm, claiming that we will only have 30 minutes warning before it hits. They aren’t saying this is a doomsday event, but warning that this one has potential to knock out power grids across the nation. Though they are careful to say that it could happen in the near future. If that’s not enough, the UK Government has been called upon to “prepare” for such an event.

Should we panic now? No. Not yet. But it is important to note that people such as Alex Jones, VonHelton and other truthers have been warning about this for years now. More specifically, in the year 2013. The solar cycle that we are going through now is to peak this year. Some predicting an extinction level event known as the ‘Kill Shot”. Sound farfetched? Yea, it does. But far-fetched or not, this is widely agreed by the scientific community to have happened on several occasions before in the past.

The Maya Calendar also tracks the solar cycle, which back up their myths and legends about this event, along with many indigenous tribes across the earth. One of the calendars (I think) predicts massive solar activity between 2013-2016. Don’t hold me to that, I would have to dig back into some old books to reread.

There isn’t much I can say on this right now as I am posting this as a brief message out there. However, I will try to bring to you a podcast regarding this, replacing “Origins of Mankind: an Alternative human history” as Episode 3, in the next 48 hours.

The storm is expected to hit by late Friday night or early Saturday morning. If I get any more information, I will update this entry.

However, let me stress, there is no cause for concern. Back in the 1800’s we had a super solar storm which brought a mini ice age and the Northern and Southern lights could be seen globally. So prepare, perhaps, to see the greatest show on earth, which some say happens once every 200 years.

Namaste 😀

How to make a simple but effective detox tea!

I recently came across an article that explains the dangers of Fluoride in your body, even in minute quantities. This is something I am campaigning about with others.

It explains various ways in which to detox your body. Things ranging from stop consuming fluoride to working up a sweat via exercise or dry sauna.

It also gave a recipe for an easy to make tea. I recommend you use fresh ingredients with what I am about to share with you.

All you need is clean, pure water (no added chemicals obviously), ginger and lemon. Oh! And a cup! Or mug… and knife.
It’s rather tasty and it does make you feel good.

  1. Get your ginger and slice a bit about 2.3 inches long (about 5.8cm (58mm)). Peel it and bruise it with the flat of your knife. Plop it into your mug or cup.
  2. Get a fresh lemon. I suggest rolling it firmly in your hands to sort of get juices going on the inside. Cut in half and then cut a thick slice and plop it into your mug. Perhaps about a centimeter in thickness.
  3. Boil your kettle with your pure water. I suggest here you only put into your kettle only the amount of water you need. It saves energy and is obviously quicker.
  4. Pour the boiled water over the lemon and ginger slices and leave to stand for 2 minutes to let them infuse. Your tea will be a very faint green/yellow colour.
  5. They recommend you take the ginger and lemon out after this. I personally leave the lemon and ginger in for maximum flavour.
A first-hamd image of preparations for making the tea. Simple but effective.As a friend of mine said "That's good shit". Colourful lol...

A first-hamd image of preparations for making the tea. Simple but effective.
As a friend of mine said “That’s good shit”. Colourful lol…

You can of course amend it to suit your own tastes. Make it personal to you, but keep true to those ingredients. Some even add honey to their tea. Honey in hot water and lemon is great for throat infections and coughs. Lemon fighting the infection along with the honey (honey has anti-bacterial properties too). The honey also soothes your irritated throat. Ginger on the other hand is great for the digestive system and detox. But take ginger in moderation. More that 3 grams a day is not recommended as it can lead to heartburn.

So if you fancy something different or new tonight or just something to do, then try this recipe. It really is nice with fresh ingredients. And try not to ruin it with adding sugar lol.

Namaste 🙂

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