The Voronezh Incident – 27th September 1989

It’s a widely known fact that many governments (particularly in the West) officially deny any knowledge of the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. And flat-out deny that we have been visited by extraterrestrials in recent times. It is also known that governments have been exposed lying about their official stance on UFOs and incidents that have happened before. These range from the US government constantly changing their explanations for things and leaked documents (especially in the UK) that confirm that the government has a keen interest in UFOlogy and the extraterrestrial phenomenon. An interest to the degree where they have specialist units to go out and silence witnesses from exposing the truth and revealing details about what they had seen. And a quote from Margaret Thatcher on UFOs. “…you can’t tell the people.”

But a recent discovery of mine is that the Russian government (even the old Soviet government) were a bit more open about it to their people. There are news reports circling today that the Russian government is warning America’s dictator and illegal President, Barack Hussein Obama (previously known as Barry Soetoro) that if his Administration don’t reveal to the people their knowledge of UFO’s and confirm extraterrestrials exist soon, then the Russians will.

This is of no surprise to me, and in fact the Russians have a bit of history making public UFO and extraterrestrial incidents that have happened in Russia. One such incident is the Voronezh case, where a UFO landed in broad daylight in the middle of a busy park. Stranger still, the UFO opened a ‘hatch’ and 2 creatures appeared. One had 3 eyes and was humanoid and the other was supposed to be robotic. You’re probably saying, “Yea, right.” or, “Someone was smoking pot when they thought of this”. Wrong. For this incident was witnessed by several people.

The Soviet’s press agency, Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS), released these documents in their papers. The incident was then known to most people in the Soviet Union as a result. In the meantime the West were ignorant to the incident until a few years later (I think) when it was published in the media in the US and UK – only to be ridiculed by the press.

Some of you may be thinking that this is nonsense and that the Soviet Government at the time was a strong dictatorship and would not release such information to the people. Wrong again. TASS released information on this UFO incident and other UFO papers and documents because it was free to do so under President Gorbachev’s “glasnost“, which was his new policy of transparency and openness regarding the activities of government institutions, and a desire to provide freedom of information (some freedom of it anyways).

And in the report it states that this strange craft that glowed pink landed in the open in view of many witnesses. Aliens were seen and used technology far beyond our understanding and knowledge – even upon a human in full sight of the people. The incident left kids and adults terrified. The incident was investigated and researchers questioned everyone that had seen this happen. There were no contradictions at all between the accounts given to them by the different witnesses.

Some of the kids who witnessed the event. (Not all witnesses were kids lol)

Below is a reproduction of the TASS report which was published in a newspaper on the 10th of October 1989.

Recent reports about the landing of aliens in the Russian city of Voronezh were confirmed in today’s issue of Sovetskaya Kultura.

The aliens landed on a war autumn evening on September 27, the paper said. Two boys and a girl from a local school, Vasya Surin, Zhenya Blinov and Yula Sholokhova, were in the city park. The place was crowded, with several dozen people waiting at a nearby bus stop. The boys were playing football.

At half past six, they saw a pink light shining in the sky and then spotted a ball of a deep-red colour about 10 meters in diameter. The ball circled the park for sometime above the earth and disappeared. It reappeared a few moments later and hovered above the park.

A crowd of onlookers rushed to the site, the paper said. They could clearly see a hatch opening in the lower part of the ball and a humanoid in the opening. The alien was about 3 meters high, had three eyes, was clad in silvery overalls and “boots” the colour of bronze and had a disk on its chest. The humanoid looked the place over. The hatch closed and the ball began to descend. “The object” then landed, according to the paper. The hatch opened again and two creatures came out, one apparently a robot.

The first one said something and a shining triangle, 30 by 50 centimeters in size, appeared on the ground and soon disappeared. The alien touched the robot’s body, and it started moving in a mechanical way.

One of the boys started screaming in fear. The alien looked at him and the boy fell silent, unable to move. The alien’s eyes were shining. The onlookers screamed. After a little while the ball and the creatures disappeared.

In about five minutes, the ball and the three-eyed humanoid could be seen again. The alien had what looked like a gun by his side – a tube about 50 centimeters long. He directed the thing at the 16-year-old boy and the latter disappeared. The alien went inside the ball, which immediately took off. At the same time the boy reappeared.

“It is hard to believe what happened,” the paper’s Voronezh correspondent, E. Yefremoc, writes. “It is harder yet to explain, but there is no doubt that something really happened.”

The UFO landing was witnessed by several people. Residents of Putilin Street in Voronezh said they repeatedly saw a UFO from September 23 to 29.

Militia officers and reporters interviewed the children and those who saw the anomaly. There are no contradictions in the descriptions of the ball or the aliens’ actions. All the children who saw the alien craft are still afraid. The local section that studies anomalies is investigating the incident, the paper said. The section includes scientists, physicists and biologists.

TASS-Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union.

Wow. Just wow. Government granted release of reports of what happened. Even allowing them to report the strange, almost paranormal, abilities of the visitors. Invisibility, making objects appear, causing a boy to freeze and fall silent and make him disappear by pointing a strange tube-like object at him.

A sketch by one of the children who witnessed the event

If the Soviets (Now Russians) weren’t and aren’t afraid to release this information, why can’t the UK and US do it? What are they hiding? Even Belgium released documents on a military UFO encounter which the US and UK never acknowledged. Why?

On a different note, how do the aliens just vanish like that? Many (But not all) ET encounters I have heard or read about seem to have a few things in common. One of which being the silvery suits they wear. Are these metallic looking suits actually superior technology to cloak them in the visible light spectrum? Could the “Bronze” coloured boots be harnessing energy from the earth and their clothes from the air? A bit like Tesla’s work? What was the disk on his chest? How did the boy disappear? I wouldn’t say magic. Magic in my opinion is the name given to sciences and abilities that currently isn’t understood by us and our sciences. I don’t class it as “paranormal” per se. It’s normal if it works and exists in the universe. Just because we perceive things as normal and paranormal doesn’t mean that’s the case and shouldn’t be. We just simply don’t have an understanding of how to use the tools provided to us by the universe.

This encounter is food for thought though. And hopefully soon, someday, our governments will stop lying to us about what they know. Already, the Vatican has pretty much confirmed that ET’s exist. The Russians have done it. Now it’s our turn.

Namaste 😀


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