The Ascensionist’s top 10 nostalgia video games

Video gaming is a great way to fight boredom. But As I became more spiritual video game use, for me, has reduced greatly. I’ve also found out that some games are designed to control how we think and to implant ideas in our head.

But I was thinking this morning about random video games and how nostalgic they were. So, here the Ascensionist’s top 10 nostalgia video games in no particular order with the platform I played them on.

1. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee (Playstation) This game was extremely popular in the 90’s and remains one of the worlds most sought after games. Oddworld Inhabitants have made it clear recently that they are re-releasing some of its games and a new one with improved graphics. Everyone knows Abe and the story of his “Oddysee”. And it really is a timeless classic that even the generation of today could play and enjoy.

One of the all time classics. Almost anyone in the 90’s will know this scene.

2. Syphon Filter (Playstation) Gosh I was a deeply disturbing kid when I got a laugh at frying terrorists with the taser. Players controlled the character Gabriel Logan, a member of The Agency in this stealth based 3rd person shooter. Never really completed this game and I don’t remember much about. I just remember frying terrorists with the taser.

Cruel fun with the taser… shameful cruel fun…

3. Pilot Wings (Super Nintendo) From an early age I’ve loved flying and the thought of being able to soar though the skies. Pilot wings really ignited my imagination. In it you had to earn licenses to progress to the next level by completing lessons in flight and sky diving and accumulating enough points to do so. Each level you went up the more things you got to do and harder it got. Things like rocket pack and helicopters. It really was an enjoyable game!

Probably my most fav game for the Super Nintendo.

4. Star Wars Episode 1 official game (Playstation) This didn’t really stick true to the film and it didn’t resonate with the critics. But I really enjoyed this game. It allowed you to live some of the movie, though doing things that weren’t done in the movie. Qui-Gon Jinn didn’t fight some monster in a pit for Jabba’s entertainment and didn’t have to go through all the trouble you did in the movie to find the T-14 hyper-drive generator. What I did enjoy about it was the fact you could choose your interaction with characters within the game. Loved it!

By far my favourite game for the Playstation. Many hours spent before school in the mornings playing this.

5. Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 (Playstation 2) One of my favourite combat games. Set in the Star Wars universe, you chose your faction Rebels or Empire, or Republic or Trade Federation. The Graphics were pretty damn good for the platform. The aim of the game was to take over or liberate the galaxy (depending on your faction) by winning battles and campaigns on planets within the Star Wars universe. Naboo, Coruscant, Endor, Hoth, etc. You could control an array of vehicles too, even the AT-AT Imperial Walker. Doesn’t get sweeter than that. In fact it does, you could control a hero too! (Always played Sideous when I could)

Game play was intense in this game, even offline.

6. Worms (Playstation) War is not fun, humourous and funny. But According to the game ‘Worms’ it is. Worms takes a light-hearted approach to warfare which turns it into a comedy. The worms on the ground with squeaky voices, over-dramatic deaths and funny quips before they die really do distract you from the reality of war. However, this game really did test your commonsense, logic and strategic thinking. Elements such as gravity and wind direction and speed had to be taken into account before you used your weapon. Bounce and trajectory and timing was also key. Anyone could waste countless hours in one session with this game.

This game proved entertaining with gamers around the world.

7. Splinter Cell (Playstation 2) Splinter Cell is one of my all time favourites. The stealth based 3rd person game really did test your reasoning and problem solving abilities. You played the character of Sam Fisher, an agent of the ‘Black-Ops’ faction within the NSA, and worked your way though seemingly impossible situations and locations. More often than enough, you weren’t allowed to kill your enemies. And on very few occasions, you had to avoid any contact at all, which really made it more difficult. This game never fails to raise my heart levels. I know I must have lost weight playing this game lol.

Work your way through your environments to complete your objectives. Gather intelligence through interrogation, espionage and other means – all stealthly and undetected.

8. Assassins Creed (Playstation 3) This game plays with your imagination and inspires you to look upon history with different eyes. In different eras in different games, you play different characters. Most well-known is probably Ezio as he spanned 3 games (3 years too). The game has inspired people to question the true nature of reality and the importance of what really happened in history. As this is a newish game, I wont divulge too much if you aren’t familiar with it. I do recommend you get them. The story line is based on the beliefs and faith of various religious and spiritual groups around the world – and conspiracy theorists.

Scale buildings and explore the landscape to uncover truth and defeat the templars.

9. SOCOM: Confrontation (Playstation 3) This game didn’t have a storyline. It was purely online play. Choose to play as Mercenary or Commando and kit out as you want to make your character unique. This games tests strategy and teamwork abilities. The 3rd person shooter games has a variety of online maps which you can join a team to fight the opposing faction. The terrain is realistic, as are the equipment and characters.

SOCOM: Confrontation offered intense online game play. Though you’ll find everyone does their own thing. There is no teamwork

10. The Sims (Playstation 2/3) Everyone who has played the sims has loved it. Create many characters or a virtual you to live and struggle through life in this cyber-universe. You can choose if to destroy your sims life or to fulfil his/her dreams. Live in a shack and work your way up to a mansion. People class it as a God game as you can control every action your sim takes and every aspect of its life – friends, career, etc. But I would class it as an educational game. It teaches us that we need an avatar for a higher intelligence or consciousness to be able to interact in a lower/cyber reality. Much like our bodies on earth and the source of our consciousness 😉

The Sims 2 allowed you to be abducted by aliens! That was pretty fun!


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