2013 – New Year = Big Changes?

2012 has come and gone. We’ve had major advancements in technology, the world faces new problems but people are starting to become aware of what’s happening and talking about it.

When a new year comes round, we often hear people repeatedly say that the past year was terrible and state that the incoming year there will be big changes and things will be different. 2013 for some is and will be the same as the years preceding it.

Here are a few quotes from a few Facebook status’ that I have come across;

“Happy new year everyone hopefully 2013 won’t be as sh*t as 2012!!”

“F**k off going on about how, suddenly, because it’s a new year, it’s going to cause a massive change in your life. No, it isn’t.
2012 was sh*t, and 2013 is going to be just as sh*t if not sh*tter.”

The first quote is an example of someone hoping for change by doing nothing. There is no merit in simply wishing for a change. You must act towards it. The second is an example of how someone just simply thinks that life is an effort and that everything in it is bad and just has to accept a heavy existence. No motivation to change it and certainly no desire. But there are many other posts from people saying that the previous year was disastrous for them. But I wonder if they are just focusing on solely the negative aspects of what has happened? Perhaps.

People sometimes attach themselves and choose to remember negative events from the past year. Others expect negative outcomes in their lives. Negative thinking manifests negative realities.

Among these claims of a bad year and hoping for a better 2013, people are wishing people a good and prosperous New Year. And people are also hoping for “big changes to come their way”. This actually caused me to stop and think. I realised that in order to see change you must be the change.

You are the one who manifests what happens in your life here on Earth. Your very body is the result of a manifestation of your consciousness. And you can influence your surrounding environment here by your actions. Every one who makes this promise for big changes in their life for th new year don’t often get what they vowed because people lack the will to live up to their promise and see things through to their end.

People make these resolutions for the New Year but most often fall back into old habits by February. Sometimes they forget, sometimes they chose to do something easier and other times people just simply give up. But I say to those people to actually think for a moment. Who is in control of your life? Then, what controls your life? Are you dependent on alcohol to have fun on a night out? Are you dependent on someone else to cheer you up if your are normally down? Do you expect people to do things for you? Are you stuck in your same routine day in and day out?

Jim Carrey’s Character in Yes Man is about a guy who lived the same routine in life. Bored, going nowhere and alone, a friend invited him to an event that taught him to take oppertunity when it arises.

People don’t realise the potential of the human spirit, the power of their mind, but expect things to change by simply hoping and doing nothing. We live in a reality that is governed by the laws of cause and effect. For every action taken there is a reaction as a result. With this in mind, it should be obvious to know that we must act if we want to see change within ourselves and around us. You really do reap what you sow.

So what can we do to encourage us and remind us of the commitments we may set before us in 2013? Make a bucket list or to do list. It’s simple, common but effective.

Sit down with a writing device and pad of paper and jot upto 100 things you would like to do in your life. Do not set too many goals. This is off-putting and chore-like. You may have plans for the future such as travel or set up a business. But the method of “I’ll do it sometime in the future…” is a bad thing. It distracts us and the comforting thought of such things causes us to keep talking about it, but never taking the actions in which to make it manifest into reality. Why not make 2013 the time to do it? Do what you want to do when you can and don’t live in regret in the future saying “I wish I did that.”

When writing the list set yourself some challenges. Something different from what you normally do, but make the challenges realistic. Write down some small simple things to do and a few large things. Your first goal on your list should be “remain committed to accomplishing as many of my goals as possible”.

When pursuing your aspirations and goals aim to complete about 51% of your list, this way you will not feel failure because you have accomplished most of your objectives.

Your list shouldn’t be completely materialistic either. You can take this opportunity self-development and to improve your wellbeing. You can list things like “Show a random act of kindness at least once a week”,  “Attend meditation classes”, “Learn Reiki Healing”, “lead an active spiritual life”, “Become free of the shackles of the elite”, “become a free-thinker” etc.

But it is also important to do things that you enjoy. If you want to travel then seize this as the opportunity in which to do it. If you want to socialize and meet new people, do it! Always wanted to go on a ghost or UFO hunt? Do it this year!

Take advantage of this to improve your health. People often list going to the gym as a resolution. But this can be expensive and people don’t often stick to it for long. Rather, I suggest you write down things like “Run 5 times a week”, “Improve eating habits”, “learn a new activity”, etc. Being healthier can boost esteem and confidence. A happiness that originates from within in, so long as you are confident for the right intentions.

Improve your creativity! Things like “Write a book”, “record a podcast”, “Compose a tune” can all help you.

People often live an habitual existence. Why not break the mould? Do something exciting and/or new. “Skydive”, “Fly on a plane for the first time”, etc.

Make 2013 the year to finally do something different or something you’ve always wanted.

But also don’t forget being in service to others. Do things like offering a homeless being a warm meal. I suggest you don’t offer money. This money could be used for intoxicants. Show love to others unconditionally. Make amends with your enemies. If you want, volunteer with a local charity for a while.

There are so many things one can do to improve ones experience here. But no one has the power to change things for you. No one but yourself. If you want to see change, be the change. Will it, want it and pursue it. Don’t let another year go to waste and don’t let it be repetitive by sticking to a usual routine.

Also an important thing to note is that when you write down the list is to make it personal to you. There is no use in doing something that doesn’t resonate with you or snare your interest. This is you. You want to change you and your existence. This is all manifested through you.

It is also worth pointing out that not everything will be perfect. There will be times when you are hurt, let down, betrayed and things you will not succeed at. But see these as lessons and an experience, not a punishment. These are opportunities too. Work from them wisely. There will be times when even when you give your best you may not succeed at a task. Do we dwell on it and believe we’re a failure or do we see it as an oppertunity to progress from? Put it this way. If you focus on negative energy and feed of it, you draw to you and manifest negative energies.

The poster says it all…

Begin now writing your list. Keep your list in a safe place. Review it often. You may wish to perhaps carry it on you so you are aware of it and mark things off when you complete them. Don’t try to list too much. Keep it realistic (Nothing like go to the moon to set up shop). But also challenge yourself. If you think the time for change is now, then it is. Work for it and be positive. You have the ability 🙂

Enjoy your life. Enjoy 2013 and I hope that I have encouraged you and offered some inspiration and motivation to get up and be the change you want to see!

Love and light to you all 😀


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