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UFOs around our sun. What are they?

I have seen a few images and videos of strange anomalies around our sun before. This is something I haven’t really dug into and not something I would claim great knowledge on. But it doesn’t stop me wondering as to what these objects, if anything, could be.

Just today I was sent a video to look at. It’s very impressive and the poster of the video asserts that there is no foul play and these are not technical glitches. That’s all fine, but doing this is just as bad as being a skeptic where they would dismiss the space ship theory (not dismissing this possibility. Actually I am all for it). But we must look at all possibilities! Not choose just what we want to see.

The video in question can be found here:

Some objects look planetary/Asteroidy (not a word, but it works in this case). Others look like man-made structures. The video is interesting, though when we zoom in, the picture does go pixellated.

I cannot explain what exactly they are and I am aware of the theory of alien ships around the sun. Even saw a video of a solar flare hitting an object which caused it to reveal itself. It has been suggested that the object was cloaked and the flare temporarily revealed it as the charged matter was either deflected around the object or knocked the cloaking technology offline briefly.

The ship was on the right side of Mercury and as it was hit, the object glowed brilliantly and the shape was revealed. When this video caught the interest of people around the world, NASA and ‘leading astronomers’ were prompted to release a cover story. As is typical the explanations from different sources were contradicting each other and just didn’t match. From ‘broken pixels’ to ‘problems with the feed’, it is insulting that they expect people to believe these ridiculous explanations.

The video of which can be found here:

Now if that isn’t enough, there are also several pictures and videos of large star sized objects just on the other side of the Sun. People are making claims that this is Nibiru or the Nemesis star.

However, admittedly, most of the pictures I have seen and videos are indeed lens flare. They are dismissed to be lens flare from those who blindly accept explanations that dismiss ‘far-out’ ideas. With some of the videos I’ve seen as the camera is shaken about, the ‘object’ moves according to the characteristics of lens flare. In still images I have seen, the sun is on the left side of the picture and the ‘object’ is on the right. Pictures from the same people with the sun on the right side of the picture show the ‘object’ to be on the left. They then make the claim that this large heavenly body is moving!

But don’t get me wrong. I won’t flat-out dismiss this all as lens flare. I have seen some convincing and credible footage that cannot be possibly debunked by skeptics (though we know they will always find a way to continue lying to themselves). One of the best videos I have seen has coincidentally been removed from YouTube, though YouTube claim that the user removed it. But you should be well aware as I am that YouTube have a habit of removing these kind of videos and give the message that the user removed it.

The video in question had the natural camera shake and zoom characteristics you would expect from amature footage. As the camera pans up and zoom into the sun, you can see lens flares moving. However, when the camera focuses on the sun, you can see a large, blue, spherical object illuminated by the sun’s light on the left side of it. Even when the sun moves about, you can tell that the object beside the sun stays exactly where it is.

If it’s on the other side of the sun, then it isn’t 8 times bigger than Jupiter as some claim – It’s much bigger! This leads one to question what this object is. A large… abnormally large… planet that is as yet unknown to mainstream science? Is it the twin star of our system? Is it a massive alien spaceship? We won’t know for sure now. But I have a funny feeling all could be revealed in 2013. Don’t hold me to it. I’d just imagine if it is a planet orbiting round the sun, sometime in 2013 it should pass on our side of the sun before going back out, perhaps bringing with it 3 days or darkness due to its size (ancient prophecies relate here).

All in all, I encourage everyone to keep an eye on this phenomena. 2013 could prove to be an interesting year.

Namaste 😀


The ultimate gagging – censorship of the web

If you have been following the coverage of internet censorship, you will be familiar with ACTA, PIPA, etc. Each have been tabled by international governments in the interest of “combating online piracy”. Each attempt to seize power of the net has been thwarted. So they gave it a rest for a while and are now trying to do it again.

The elite are now meeting under the UN banner, pushing for governmental control of the internet through a GLOBAL binding treaty. This will mean using the internet will be slower, more costly and of course, restrictions on what you can say and do on the internet.

Your web use and search terms will be monitored by government bodies. If they don’t like what you search for, you could end up in prison.

It’s bad enough that governments try to say they give you the rights you have, and therefore can restrict them. We have to watch what we say incase we injure someones feelings. While I applaud encouragement in mindfulness, I don’t think stifling the net is the right way to go. Why not teach tolerance and inner-peace instead?

Things that will be affected will include your ISP bill, alternative news and blogging, the control and flow of information, your right to openly criticise your governments and their actions. This is all to further their agenda and to stop us, the people, from becoming aware enmasse of the actions they are taking and their agendas. They don’t want you to know truths like how and what they are doing in the Middle East, what is the actual truth in the Middle East and around the world. The problem for them is that they have no control over what you are told or read on the net. People can easily access information from around the world, mostly first hand accounts. Their newspapers and news broadcasting services are rendered useless.

So what is the best way to control what people believe and think? Seize the internet. And it is no surprise that they are meeting right now under the UN banner, the foundation body of a one world government.

To put it all simply, the web will be shaped by government interests and not by us, the people, as the modern web was intended to be for. This would mean that whistle-blowing websites such as wikileaks and would be either restricted or closed down. Alternative news websites gagged. People posting updates from locations of disturbance, protests and campaigns would be restricted in what they say. YouTube videos with the genre of truth movement, alternative news and conspiracy theories would be banned and removed (they currently are being removed, but it would be illegal to make them and/or upload them). The list goes on.

In a quote from a campaign website,, they say:

Right now at a UN meeting in Dubai, authoritarian regimes are pushing for full governmental control of the Internet in a binding global treaty — if they succeed, the internet could become less open, more costly and much slower. We have only 2 days to stop them.

We saw this coming with PIPA and ACTA and various other governmental bills and watched them be defeated. Right now in the UK, they are debating if the UK government should have the power to monitor all its citizens web usage and give the same powers to the intelligence services, police authorities and councils. The have recently launched a media campaign against online piracy, paedophillia and cyber-terrorism. Each time they have said they need to do something about it to thwart the online criminal activity. What is their answer? Self-given power to snoop into everyone’s privacy and their web use. They don’t need to be able to do this. They claim the need this power in order to capture offenders. But… they already have methods for doing this. Why do they need more intrusive powers? There is information that you can access that they don’t want you to know. And one must question why they are desperate to do this. What are they trying to hide? What don’t they want us to know? The answers I fear to these questions are endless. Covering up the actions of politicians easily and erasing knowledge from their populace of governmental war crimes.

And this is rich coming from members of parliament who have been exposed in dealing with crime before. Drug use, bribery, fiddling expenses, avoiding tax – even paedophillia. Just check out this website here,

Labour 25 is a site that is dedicated to exposing British politicians who engage in sexual relations with minors and/or have been found to have explicit images/videos of minors in their keeping.

So, now is the time to set the power grabbing “representatives” on their ass. Sign the petition here

Share the petition on Twitter and Facebook. Share this blog post if you wish. It is time to remind our governments that they serve the people and THEIR interests. Not the other way around. We are the ones who are supposed to have the power.

Governmental tolerance of our freedom to be free is valuable. Don’t let anyone bully you because of your thoughts or words. You have every right to voice them in the physical and virtual universes.

And don’t be foolish enough to think “It’s only a handful of powers”, “they won’t go that far” or “The government wouldn’t do that”. They can do it if you let them – and will do it.

Namaste 🙂

What’s going on in our skies?

Yesterday was an amazing, beautiful day. Though cold and frosty, the sun was out and there was a large area of blue skies. So I took advantage of this to go for a run. The ground wasn’t too icy and there was a slight breeze.

As I was walking to my start point I could see far out towards the south/south-west, at high altitude, a lone plane casting a short but dense contrail (not chemtrail). Around 5 minutes later I could still see the plane and it didn’t look as if it had made much progress, which left me assuming the plane was higher that I first thought. Then, a few minutes later, the contrail started to fade. The silvery dot of the plane then slowly vanished. It had gone!

It managed to disappear as I noticed it was getting closer. I waited for a few moments then continued to walk, my eyes still keeping an eye on the sky and its last location, tracing a path I assumed it was following. I then proceeded to text a guy I know of what I saw. As I did this I listened intently for sound of a plane. Nothing.

My whole journey out there to run and there was no further sign of the craft nor noise. What was it? As some should know if they have read my posts, that I am a rational/spiritual guy and understand the importance of viewing things with a good balance of logic and intuition.

So when I got home I went on to and went through the playback option from 2pm onwards. No planes were flying over my area. No where near my area, let alone in that direction. The skies seemed unusually quiet. And it was at that point I realised that I didn’t see any other plane out there, when normally the sky is quite busy with them.

I managed to capture a few pictures of the terrain and conditions. Obviously not the plane, but I took some pictures from the direction it was coming from.

In this picture, I’m looking in the general direction from where the plane was coming from

Looking out towards the mountains in the direction from where the plane was coming. The cloud is much further away than it appears in the picture

Looking out towards the mountains in the direction from where the plane was coming. The cloud is much further away than it appears in the picture

In this one, you can see how clear the sky is and conditions are frosty. But no sign of the plane.

Facing South-West with a much clearer view

Facing South with a much clearer view

This picture facing East. No sign of aircraft.

Facing east, showing clear, crisp skies. It was cold lol

This one facing North. Brilliant skies but all is silent.

Final picture facing North.

Final picture facing North.

As is obvious, there are no signs of any aircraft in the skies. No contrails and I can honestly say there were no roars of engines or turbulence. What was it? I was stumped. Here are some theories I am open to:

  • It was indeed a plane It could indeed be a plane and somehow trick of light prevented me from seeing it. But one must take into account as to why the plane vanished just after the contrail seemed to have been turned off. There is no way a contrail cannot reflect light in these conditions. It should be seen from all angles. The plane itself stayed on the same path and showed no signs of banking or turning. It should have still been reflecting the sun light. However, I am still open to the fact it could well be as it is – a plane from a fluke angle perspective.
  • It’s a hologram This is a theory I am not too familiar with but was suggested by the guy I was texting about it. I am aware of the theory and in some of the instances the theory is used (e.g. Bluebeam, 11th September, military tests, etc). There was some frosty humidity in the sky, but not enough to affect or influence ones viewing of the object. Therefore, maybe not dense enough for holographic systems.
  • Advanced military plane or test flight of military plane This could be a good explanation. We have been told in the news and informed by those in the alternative media that some military powers around the world have, and are using (trialing), cloaking devices on fabric, heavy armour and aircraft. These cloaking devices render a plane undetectable visually and on radar. Even the British military can cloak tanks by concealing their heat signature and even manipulate it in such a way to make it appear as something different when on thermal scopes. This could explain why I couldn’t see the plane after they turned off or adjusted in someway the plane to reduce or eliminate contrails. It could explain why it didn’t appear in the flight radar site. And interestingly enough, an RAF plane left England soon after I saw it according to the playback data and crossed Northern Ireland heading out over the Northern regions of the Atlantic.

So what was it? I can’t honestly say for sure. All I know is I can’t identify it and I have no explanation for its disappearance. Needless to say, I find it interesting and something I should look into and study further.

Peace 🙂

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