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And here it is!

Here is our podcast. So far I guess the host is unofficial as they really don’t offer much space and bandwidth, but we will try to use it as best as we can.
Our first podcast “UFO’s and 2012 – is there a connection?” have been recorded, edited and now live. We have submitted our feed to iTunes so now you should be able to subscribe and download easily.

So here is a link directly to Episode one.

and here is the link to subscribe to our feed.

And our link to iTunes

Apologies for fast talking and amature nature of this. (Plus my accent will be too thick for some to understand) lol We will learn from this and improve.

But do give it a listen and give us some feed back. Please click like and subscribe 🙂

Namaste 😀


First Podcast to be recorded tomorrow (24/11/2012)

The Golden Age Ascensionists first podcast is set to be recorded tomorrow for publication this weekend.

The 1st podcast will be titled ‘UFOs and 2012 – is there a connection?” and will feature The Ascensionist and ImmortalmanUK. As the title suggests, we will be discussing and reviewing research and investigation in the increasing UFO claims and reports from around the world and if some are connected to the 2012 theory.

The discussion and presentation of research will be in-depth and touch on a few theories and prophecies of 2012 itself.

We aim to have an hour-long episode with this, but we could exceed it or possibly an hour and a half. There is just so much to get into, and as will be explained, there are topics in which we couldn’t cover in this episode that we touch upon, due to time and too much information for one podcast.

We will cover some of the latest UFO sightings and reports along with reports of newly formed crop circles that have recently been discovered. Plus touch on how the ancients got some of their knowledge.

This is very exciting and a lot of work has gone into prepare for this. However, due to all the information out there, we cannot possibly cover all the stuff we would like to in this podcast.

We will keep you all updated.

For now, go forth in peace 🙂

China builds some mysterious but beautiful stuff

Something that has come to my attention recently is a picture doing its rounds on the web. The picture (below) is of a rather mysterious but modern looking building built in the city of Fushun, Liaoning province.

The ‘ring’ building is unique and is the centre of much speculation among the conspirist community as to what the purpose of the structure actually may be.

And it is because of its modern, if somewhat futuristic/space age look, that is igniting the imagination of those in the conspirist communities. Truthers and Fringe science fans are questioning the motive behind the building and are claiming that it is some sort of portal or stargate that will allow inter-dimensional travel. They back up this theory by saying that the Chinese government are using the traditional elitist tactic of “hiding it right under your nose”, i.e. hiding it in plain sight.

Upon reading comments and stories associated with the picture, I have found claims that China has been building many mysterious buildings and craft in “ghost” cities – cities with no inhabitants. I investigated this claim further and it turns out that Fushun has a population of around 2 million.

It is said that the building, called “The ring of Life”, glows at night due to the installation of more than 12,000 LED lights and made from 3,000 tonnes of steel. There are claims that it cost around £10,000,000 to construct.

Contrary to the portal theory, the Fushun Urban Construction Bureau claimed that they had simply given up on building entertainment projects because the local population is ‘too small’ [not ghost town]. Instead, the built the 157 meter Ring of Life for sight-seeing.

Needless to say, if this was a cover up and the building did serve as a portal, who knows the amount of energy and power the construction would need in order to operate briefly to accomplish its tasks. As a spiritual and logical truther myself, I think I can dismiss this “portal” theory as it just isn’t practical and aware of the theory of other portals having been discovered in the middle east and are nowhere near as big as this.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem to ring with the over-paranoid, basement dwelling conspiracy theorists out there. However, some people have taken a light-hearted approach to the story and produced graphical parodies of the ‘portal’.

Pretty amazing artwork

Namaste 🙂

Golden Age Ascensionism podcast to be launched

In recent days after speaking to a fellow Ascensionist within the group, we have concluded that with the little time we may have left, we should launch a podcasting service which would cover a large spectrum of topics and events, ranging from spirituality to 2012 theories and fact.

I hope to make the podcast a regular feature and publish it on iTunes and another podcasting website. The podcasts will be free of charge to download and pretty basic to begin with, but the topics spoken should be rich in information and generally a great discussion whilst including our own thoughts and feelings.

We also hope to include listener interaction by allowing opportunities to submit questions to us for the next podcast, or simply submit information that you feel we should cover.

So let’s get serious about this! This is an exciting new adventure for us and great changes are on the way. Let’s see them in in style!

My co-host will be ImmortalmanUK. You can find videos he has made on YouTube. Some are thoughtful and interesting, others let you know of current events. I am so glad to have this opportunity to work with him.

We will keep you posted on our progress down our route of podcasting. So please, watch this spot for more information.


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