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First Crop Circle of the year for Mexico

With crop circle rife all over the world this year, Mexico can finally join in with the buzz with their first of the year.

Located in fields in Mexico, the reported ‘agrograma’ (I assume this means crop circle) appeared on the 23rd of September 2012 and is roughly 52 meters in diameter. The pattern, as seen below, consists of circles, triangles and supposedly ‘half moons’. Not entirely sure what this means, but it could signify a planetary or lunar alignment of significance.

Cropped and stretched image of the latest crop circle

However on closer inspection of the pictures, the two cresents back to back sort of create the shape of the torus from side ways on. The torus is the shape of the natural energy and magnetic fields of the earth, universe, galaxy and heart and chakra system.

Artistic picture of an electromagnetic field around the heart. This is the principle shape of all energy fields in the universe. From the smallest particle to the largest galaxy

Not much information has been released on this crop circle and I don’t know what it could be telling us. Though it is a nice simple one to look at and is worth looking into further.

Namaste 😀


Can anything survive the end of the Universe?

That’s a good question. Obviously our first thoughts would be no. Anything in the universe that was created in the universe would ultimately die and be destroyed with the host in which it exists. But according to an international team of scientists, this may not be the case.

An international team of scientists led by researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have proposed a process for building an actual four-dimensional “space-time crystal” that not only would create an infinitely running clock but a clock that could possibly survive the heat death of the universe.

If all this disappears, would anything stand a chance of surviving if the universe died?

Sounding like something out of a Sci-Fi book, they have mathematically determined that this could be physically possible. But I always believed that there is truth to the saying that fact is stranger than fiction.

In July 2012, Frank Wilczek, the Nobel-prize winning MIT physicist, mathematically proved that a time crystal can exist but at the time acknowledged his idea on how to create one was incomplete. But it is a believed that a real-world process for creating an actual space-time crystal that could conceivably be carried out in just the next few years.

“Since crystals naturally align themselves at low temperatures and because superconductors also operate at very low temperatures; Wilczek proposed that the atoms in such a crystal could conceivably move or rotate and then return to their natural state naturally, continually, as crystals are wont to do as they seek a lowest energy state.” (Source)

Anyone who has researched crystal properties or have a keen interest in the spiritual benefits of them will know that crystals are pretty important and unique items. They have their own energy field, they are great conductors, they can store data and memory in them, they have their own magnetic field and they help stimulate our chakras. Not only do they have uses in the metaphysical side of life, but as stated, they are great for keeping time accurately and quartz crystal was used in early radiophonic broadcasting and receiving.

selection of crystals that resonate with certain chakras.

So one wonders, will any remnants of our existence live on after the universe has perished? That is, if the universe will ever die. And if so, what would happen? Is it possible for something to exist outside of existence? I guess it is. After all, spirit consciousness is a living energy that binds the universe together and created it. What if the universe dies and a new one is created in its place. In many billions of years, would another civilisation find it? Would they make sence of it? Or would the clock simply be destroyed? Many, many fascinating and thought-provoking questions.

Another question that pops to mind. Is it even possible for us 3rd dimensional beings to created something 4th dimensional? We cannot see the 4th dimension and we certainly cannot comprehend or understand it. When looking at a 4D cube, we cannot understand it. We have an idea on how it is formed if we follow the mathematical principle of double. Dimension 0 is a dot. There is no perception of width, depth, length or height. The 1st dimension is doubling one. So, double the dot, making 2 and draw a line linking them. Here you have the perception of length only. Double that to 4 and you have 2D. Here you have the square as you can only perceive length and width. Double that again to make 8 points and you draw the lines and you get the cube – 3rd dimension – our dimension. Here we perceive length, width and height… i.e. depth. We can see and have a sence of depth. We can see 1, 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and can understand them. So what would something 4th dimensional look like? We certainly won’t see it as it is intended, but rather, see it from our limited perception and understanding. We need that new and higher understanding and perception in order to see it properly.

An animation of a 4D cube. It doesn’t make sence to look at and looks like the cube is growing and contracting from the inside out. We cannot perceive what it is actually supposed to be doing as we are limited to perception of only 3 directions inside a 3D universe. In order to see it for what it is, we would have to be able to see a direction outside of the 3D dimension. Length, Width, depth and ???

Take 2D beings trying to see 3D objects and beings. We would look very, very strange to them as they have no perception or understanding of depth. Only length and height. So if we stand face on to a 2D being they may just see us as a flat combination of shapes and colour… if they can see colour. So, logically, as we live in the 3D part of this universe, we can only have a 3D perception. Imaging or understanding the 4th dimension is very difficult. But what I do know is that the higher up dimensions you go, the less form you have, eventually becoming formless just pure energy. But this is a topic of its own and so hard to explain.

Anyhow, I sence you are confused so I shall leave it there. But I do suggest you look into different dimensions as it is a pretty mind-blowing topic. Click here to see the article in full about the time-space crystal clock. Click here to see a video about dimensions (hard to understand but gives basic principle) and click here to see an explanation of 4D objects.

Namaste 🙂




Gary McKinnon – Hacking for truth

A story that has gone very quiet within the media is that of Gary McKinnon. For those of you who may not know, Gary is wanted in the U.S. due to his role in hacking into Top Secret U.S. government databases located within the infamous Pentagon, in a quest to find evidence of a government cover-up in regards to UFO’s and Aliens.

Aspergers sufferer, Gary McKinnon, who hacked into US government and forces computers to find evidence of UFO conspiracy.

While I applaud his work in the quest for truth, I can understand that there are severely high consequences to pay if you hack into the computer systems of one of the worlds most powerful and intimidating nations. He faces up to 70 years in an US federal prison if found guilty. But according to credible sources, that verdict has already been decided without trial. So if he should face trial, he stands no chance as the U.S. Government has already made their decision.

Gary is currently residing in the UK and US authorities are pushing very hard for his extradition to the US to face charges and a trial. So far, the courts and government in the UK have once again allowed the US to bully them and are trying everything to ensure he is shipped off to face an unfair trial, in a foreign court with a punishment that is pretty much over kill. Gary is neither a US Citizen and he did not commit the crime inside the US or any of the Occupied territories that the US holds claim to, i.e. Occupied Hawaii, Occupied Alaska, etc. So why should he shipped to the US to face charges of hacking into military computers when the crime was committed on UK soil? It is also against UK law to hack into computers. And more importantly, why should he spend a harsh jail term in a foreign prison?

Lets say we turned the tables here, and the UK wanted someone in the US on the same charges. Would the US be as co-operative as the UK? No. They would claim that because the crime was committed in the US, he should face trial in a US court and serve his sentence in a US prison. Totally unfair but that is the result of treaties signed between the US and several different countries.

Also take for example the case of Julian Assange. He is not a US citizen, he leaked out information that was passed to him in regards to misconduct of US forces, government and politicians and leaked out memos recorded from meetings US officials had with foreign officials in which comments made about them were less than tasteful. Now, the US want him charged with treason and to sentenced to death. Why? Simply because he told the  truth and the US had no control over that alternative media outlet. So the US tried flexing its muscles against wikileaks by imposing financial sanctions upon it and give it bad press – pretty much equating Assange to a terrorist. But we all know, the US classes anyone a terrorist who is critical of their government and foreign policy.

What exactly is treason? Well, here I have a quote from the Oxford English Language Dictionary

Definition of treason


  • (also high treason) [mass noun] the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government: they were convicted of treason
  • the action of betraying someone or something: doubt is the ultimate treason against faith
  • (petty treason) historical the crime of murdering someone to whom the murderer owed allegiance, such as a master or husband.

As you can see, this term  in no way fits into the description of Assange. So why are they looking to charge him with treason? In order to shut up a whistleblower and impose fear and terror into people in order to deter them from having a go at truth-telling.

‘Tis a wonder though that Gary isn’t being charged with treason. Is this because he didn’t find anything out? Or is there a different motive behind his case? The point is though, this man was on a quest for truth in regards to UFOs and Alien life. Many people are sure that aliens exist. Others are on the fence. And a select few who claim a high IQ will only believe it, not when they see it, but are told it by the government. Those who like to be called thinkers but don’t do any actual thinking for themselves. Those same people would be the ones that if they saw a UFO land right in front of them and an alien got out to greet them, they would dismiss it as an hallucination. But surely, if the government tells us it’s true then it must be true, right? Why would they lie to us? Ironically again, those are the same ones who regularly say that no politician can be trusted and you’d be better off not voting. Yea… extreme high intelligence on display there.

So what can we do to support Gary? Well firstly, raise awareness of the situation. Explain to people how he is being treated unfairly and has a mental disorder called Aspergers Syndrome. Also raise awareness that it is morally right to support those who are dedicated to exposing the truth – even if the topic is taboo or seemingly insane. After all, if the truth was that they didn’t exist, we would know then, right? Also highlight that it is the governments who should be answerable to the people, not the other way around. Fighting his case and supporting him shows the government that you are aware of your place in the world. That you know that it is the people who govern the government. We have the power to give them the job, or sack them.

You have so much more power than you realise

There is so much more I could say on this issue, but I think that most people in the world are familiar with Gary’s case, and I would only be repeating stuff that you already know. However, if you want to know more about Mr. McKinnon, click the links here and here.

Peace and light to you all 🙂

Running – Fun, exhilarating and spiritual

I find that running is a liberating experience that allows you to taste and feel what true freedom is like. I have been running 6 days a week since March this year after a handful of years avoiding it. I used to run and enjoyed it, but after relaxing and losing my fitness, I found it was something to dread. The sheer thought of a run was enough to drain me of energy.

But after running and having seen it from different angles since I started down a spiritual path, I have found it to be very beneficial spiritually and think that it could be an adopted spiritual practise which can fit in with meditation and other methods. I truly feel that running has an effect on spiritual development. Some of you may be reading this and be thinking “He’s mad” or more simply, “Uh oh!”.

Running doesn’t have to be a chore. It is actually pretty fun!

When I started running again, I didn’t like it. It was difficult, extremely tiresome and seemed a long, punishing process. After a few weeks, I ran with just the mindset of “I need to”. On my 8th week, it got to the point where I feared lapsing in my running because it would be a waste of 8 weeks works. After which, I really started to enjoy running and looked forward to my next run. In around my 6th-8th week, I realised that the best way to run effectively was to not think of running at all. I made common mistakes of concentrating on when I finish, my breathing, the big hill in front of me. When I learned or perhaps relearned to run without thinking about it, I came to the realisation that doing this is a spiritual practise.

How can you run without thinking about it? It’s simpler than it sounds. I first noticed that I was running without thinking when I observed the surroundings around me. The mountains in the distance, the green hilly land around me and the birds above and traffic passing me on the country roads. Through this realisation, I noted that I was actually running pretty damn good. Could this be considered a meditation? Perhaps.

Running in nice and natural surroundings can help overcome mental block, from my own personal experience. This is not me in the picture btw…

After running, you feel good and you feel some sort of accomplishment. My main goal is to do a mile and a half run in around 11 mins without stopping. It is pretty difficult to do, in my opinion, on the terrain around me… Lots of hills which really kill your muscles and zap them of power. There are times I can do this and a lot of times I can’t. With all the stops I used to take during my run over the 1.5 mile distance,  it took me 15 mins to do. Today I will always nail it in under 11 mins and 30. Something I am happy with, but I would like to be able to do it in my 10th minute like I used to (10th minute being anywhere after 9 minutes and before 9 mins 59 seconds).

Admittedly I do find it difficult to do in 11 minutes as I try reclaim my fitness, but I also find running easier again when I retake refuge in the light of the Dharma and bowing before my Buddha and saying,

May the light of the Dharma empower me and guide me, helping me to have the energy, strength, will power, determination and discipline I need to meet the goal of the task set before me. Not just for my benefit, but for the benefit of the greater good. Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu, Namu Amida Butsu.

I found that on my first day of doing this personal ceremony I ran the best run I ran in years. Keeping in mind, I didn’t say a prayer and I didn’t pray to the Buddha. Most Buddhists, by tradition, don’t pray. However, when I explained this to my Buddhist Teacher, he was impressed that I had tapped into my Buddha Nature. Every sentient being has a Buddha Nature within. When I connected with my inner Buddha, I drew strength from it to do what I needed to do.

An artistic interpretation of the Buddha Nature and light of the Dharma

I also find that having a conversation with yourself, both mentally and aloud, can help when you find running to be difficult. It can be like:

Ah jeeze, I wanna stop. Nope! No stoppage! But I wanna stop, I can;t go on more. What did I tell you before? No stoppage! No stoppage! NOO DAMN STOPPAGE!

As daft as that is, it sort of helps. Especially if it brings a smile to your face. Plus if you’re smiling and someone drives past or walks past, it looks as if you are enjoying it. Can’t hurt can it? Plus smiling is infectious! So causing another person to smile is an act in the interest of the greater good.

A lot of spiritual people I know, mostly in New Age, are reluctant to run or get any serious exercise. But Exercise is very important for your body. A healthy body and mind actually lead to a happier spiritual life. You feel better, have more energy and your concentration becomes sharper. Each of which contribute greatly to a spiritual development. And I can vouch for this as this is what I am experiencing.

As stated earlier, when I run I feel free and get a sence of liberation. Out in nature, observing the world from several angles as I turn down this road, head up that hill, run round this bend, etc. Your mind is clear and you don’t notice the pain in your muscles as much and you are less likely to lose breath.

I also find running in different sorts of weather can each have a differentiating effect upon you. Running in the rain gives me a feeling of greater liberation and I enjoy to get a damn good drenching lol. Running in the sun allows me to connect with nature and life around me as people are out in force to walk or run and you can see your surroundings for miles – sort of representing clarity of the mind (in my humble opinion). It reinforces the notion of oneness. Running in the snow and cold helps develop self-discipline. The pain of the cold and the feeling of glass shards ripping your face as the snow blasts it. It is all to easy to either give up or not run in it at all. But the sence of accomplishment at the end is rewarding and allows you to realise that things you believed to be impossible have been prove possible. After all, I truly don’t believe that things other people can do are impossible for me to do, so long as I contribute the right effort and right thought and action – steps from the eightfold path. You reap what you sow.

So if you want to try a new thing which can help spiritually, try running or jogging. Don’t think about it, don’t think about your current fitness and don’t think “Yea! I’ll try this tomorrow!” – just do it. Do it without reason. Run at a comfortable pace and walk when you need to. Try a mile and a half (2.4k) and see what your time is. Eventually you will run without thought and in return you will bring about an inner happiness, improve tolerance and maybe even sleep better (all effects I am experiencing)

Namaste 🙂

To be free is to allow others be free

We all want to ensure that we are free from the chains of tyranny. We all want to ensure that we can express what we feel and think, and to say what we want without fear of retaliation. But how many of us can honestly say that we allow others to have the freedoms we want? How often has someone entered an argument with someone over their beliefs or what they perceive to be true? Or perhaps talking someone down because they have said something that is offensive to you or not to your taste? We’re all guilty of that at some point in our lives. And in all honesty, it’s a very easy situation to fall in. We cannot be free if we oppress or deny the freedoms of others!

Picture showing intolerance within religion. (NOTE: I’m not implying that Islam is the only intolerant belief system. Christianity, Scientology and various others can be hostile and intolerant of other religions and beliefs if contrary to their own beliefs or pose a threat)

If we talk someone down or turn a conversation into a heated argument because you and the other party/parties don’t see eye to eye, are we allowing them to voice what they feel or what they believe? Simple answer is no. People should be free to voice their views, thoughts and beliefs without fear of retaliation, so long as they aren’t words of intolerance. We too often try to force our beliefs and feelings on to others if their beliefs or feelings don’t match our own, sometimes without awareness of what we are doing. The main things that cause intolerance are religion and politics.

People have been killed and horribly disfigured at the hands of religion and politics. I guess it all roots down to intolerance. People who are intolerant of contradicting or different views will often go to extreme measures in order to defend their view. Religion is probably worst for this – particularly the Abrahamic ones.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam tell its followers that their faith is the one true religion and that they must go forth and recruit – spread the word. Anyone who refuses to follow the particular religion are to be killed. Sometimes in some of the most violent and painful ways thought of. Same with people who convert away from their faith. The Abrahamic religions also use fear of eternal punishment to scare you into submission of the faith. It’s these ‘divine’ laws that legitimise intolerance and give followers permission to kill in the name of the faith all those who don’t submit to it.

Today, the largest administrator of these laws is perhaps Islam. This isn’t the only faith in which you are told to kill or carry out cruel acts of punishment against non-believers, though it is the faith that predominantly practises these laws in modern times. Those who refuse to convert are beheaded. As are those who leave after suffering cruel torturous punishments. It just goes to show, that religious intolerance is perhaps the worst. Wars have been fought for centuries over which path of the desert religions is the one true religion. The crusades, regional and national skirmishes and today persecution of the religious minorities in an area where a large part of the community are muslim, christian or jewish.

Religious intolerance gives birth to a subcategory of intolerance which is cultural. While I feel it is important to acknowledge, understand and respect that there are countless various cultures and ways of life on this planet, I think it is best that they are kept separate in their home nations/regions. When you mix a foreign culture with another, especially by force, the results are disastrous. Which, as a result, contributes to intolerance in humanity. My philosophy on this subject is that if people want to experience, see or live in a different culture, there is nothing to stop them traveling to the country of origin to experience it. If you mix foreign cultures together, then you begin the death of a unique culture. Uniqueness is what makes this universe diverse.

A result of multiculturalism can be found all over the world. The UK for example has many ‘no-go’ area for whites, non-muslims, British police, etc. The people living in those oppressive and intolerant communities won’t respect the laws of the host land, won’t respect other faiths and traditions and cultures, and make demands which benefit their faiths favour. This form of intolerance causes other communities and faiths to become intolerant and as a result, we have witnessed riots, violent stand-offs at protests, gang warfare and many brutal murders.

In Norway, a Christian Extremist called Anders Behring Breivik, killed many innocent civilians at a camp for the Norwegian Labour Party. His intolerance of Muslims and of the politics of the centre-left, led him to bomb a city in Norway and gun down the lives of adults and kids on 22 July 2011. This is an example of both religious and political intolerance. The reason he targeted the camp was because it was run by the Labour Party, which support multiculturalism. And as stated earlier, mixing other cultures with another is asking for disaster and slowly kills off cultures. In basic, forcing various beliefs of others onto others infringes the freedoms of those living in the host nation, who are too often gagged by political correctness laws in case they offend the foreign culture or religion. If merging cultures is what was intended by nature or the universe, then it would occur naturally. Don’t force it and let nature run its course.

Anders Breivik killed many innocent civilians during his attacks in Norway, 2011.

Political intolerance is another serious form of intolerance. Wars have been fought over politics as well and is not just a trait that belongs to religion. People can be blinded by tribalism and if your views don’t match theirs, you could be in for a rough ride. Lives have been taken and blood spilled because of an intolerance of differentiating political views. In the US, bitter arguments and fights have taken place due to politics. Alot of people believe that you only have 2 parties to choose from and don’t recognise a 3rd party. The same people don’t realise that the main political parties, both Republican and Democrat, are owned and controlled by the same group of people. But that is an entirely new topic of its own. Politicians who are running for power will do anything to get power. They will often ruin the reputation of their competitors, soil their name. Isn’t self-centeredness fun? lol

The people at the base of this are you and I. The powers that be (politicians and bankers, etc) present to us many different sides, views and versions of one topic or category. People choose to follow the path that is most suited to them and they hold their beliefs to heart. Surprisingly though, this is a good thing. Holding your beliefs close and protecting them is invaluable and standing up for what you believe and think and feel is freedom of expression. But people often have the self in mind. This is what leads to intolerance. Only thinking of the self and putting your beliefs before others is what causes us to quickly try to dismiss the beliefs or views of others. In some cases, it’s down to the fear of being wrong. In other cases, it’s those who are very opinionated in nature who see life as “my view and no one elses” is what cause them to be intolerant. They refuse to acknowledge a view different to their own.

The logic of an opinionated person

I am not saying that we should surrender our beliefs and views in fear of causing offense. I am not saying we shouldn’t voice them. Political correctness is wrong and suffocating. What I am saying is that we should accept that others will have a different view to our own. And we should engage in conversation about our views and beliefs, but being mindful not to ridicule, talk down or dismiss the other persons view. Allow them to speak as you would expect them to let you speak. Allow them to express themselves in their own way. And most importantly, it is best to sometimes agree to disagree. There is no reason to belittle someone who follows another faith from your own. There is no reason to enter into a heated argument over whose politics works best – it reinforces hatred.

Also keep in mind that we won’t be 100% correct on a topic all the time. We must keep our minds open and accept that we could indeed be wrong about something. Don’t be afraid of change. It’s good! And the more correct knowledge you acquire, the wiser you can become 😛 After all, the wisest thing any one can do is to always be aware that there is always something new to learn. You may be wrong as you discuss your view-point. They may be wrong as their discuss theirs… or you both may be wrong as you discuss your views.

What can we do if we are wrong? Simple. Acknowledge that we are incorrect and learn the truth. What if they are wrong? Explain to them why they are wrong. Don’t tell them that they are. And certainly don’t demand they change their opinion. After you explain why they are wrong, leave it up to them if they choose to accept it. A valuable thing to remember here is that when you challenge the beliefs of others, you are essentially challenging their being and persona – who they are.

Adopt the policy of live and let live. There is no reason to fight over differentiating views. After all, doesn’t intolerance leave us feeling miserable? We get that strange, hurting, feeling in our heart. We feel heavy and closed off from the world around us – frustrated. Why engage in an emotion or mindset that leaves us feeling terrible? Intolerance does indeed close us off from the rest of the world. Understand that uniqueness is a wonderful, vibrant thing. Being resistant to strange things or opposing views closes our mind, and we can’t learn anything other than hate with our minds closed.

So, chin up, smile and be happy. See the world around you and its diversity. Acknowledge others have the right to their views and the right to be free, just as you are. The simple policy of live and let live will making living in this reality a much more pleasant experience 🙂

Shared with love!

Namaste 🙂

An inspirational lesson

I recently came across this graphic which contains a quote from Lord Buddha. I needn’t say much else on this topic, Buddha has already made it clear 🙂

Buddha on Anger

Julian Assange – a hero of humanity?

Around the world, the press and other media outlets are kicking up a massive fuss about Julian Assange, most of their news leaning against Mr. Assange and his work. Julian, founded the whistle blowing website, Wikileaks, which told the world of the dark secrets that corporations and governments tried to hide from you. Things as simple as the conduct of politicians and their personal opinions of other diplomats, all the way up to exposing the US Governments cover up of US forces killing innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was exposed that the US government tried to keep their “mistakes” quiet and keep quiet that none of its service people were charged or disciplined for their crimes.

Julian Assange. Founder and editor in cheif of wikileaks

It is because of this, Julian is being hunted down by the Americans. The American Republican Party have made it clear that they want him extradited to the US to face treason charges (don’t see how as he isn’t American) and to ensure he will be given the death penalty. Why? Simply because he told the world of the conduct of the US government through their foreign policy. Ironically, the US is heading towards being a police state where local and federal government bodies are keeping tabs on every US citizen in the world and watching their every movement in reality and cyber space. They want to know all information about you and your secrets… all in the interest of ‘counter-terrorism’. Isn’t this double standards? ‘We want to know everything about what you do, but we don’t want you to know anything about what we do’? The Irony is almost blinding.

Bradley Manning served in the US army and is accused of giving this information to wikileaks. He has been locked up in a maximum security prison for over 800 days – and no word of a trial yet. By international law, this practise is illegal. If they havent charged him or found evidence to charge him, he should have been released long, long ago.

Another hero of humanity, Bradley Manning

So what did Julian do wrong? As far as I can see, he did nothing wrong at all. He has been telling us the truth about the very ones who we supposedly elected to office. He has exposed the cons and tricks of the banks. He has told us of the crimes and agendas that large oil and drug corporations. Is there anything wrong in telling the people the truth of things that have gone wrong? Well, according to our leaders, there is.

But would our leaders have to worry about being exposed to have done wrong if they followed the law and executed the duties of their office with good conduct? Anyone who has anything to worry about are those who have done wrong and know it. And they cannot stand that. And because you now know of their conduct, their illegal deals and cash in hand from large corporations to make laws in their favour, they are angry. And who better to focus their anger on but the person who shone the spotlight on them and sounded the alarm?

Currently, Julian is in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, having claimed political asylum. Also, there is a European Arrest warrant against him on the grounds that he is wanted in Sweden to face questioning about an alleged sexual assault and rape claim made against him. Curiously though, these claims didn’t come to light until after Julian was wanted by the US after having exposed their conduct in the Middle East and around the world. The biggest fear is that the US are secretly orchestrating the case step by step to eventually have him deported to the US to face charges. But they don’t want to be seen to have a direct involvement of his capture, and isn’t requesting extradition from the UK. This is believed to be because of the treaty the UK and US signed regarding the extradition of wanted suspects and criminals. It would make it all too easy and further make the US look guilty by trying to cover up what they have done by prosecuting Assange. It could also be because the US don’t want to be tarnished any further by Assange’s legion of supporters.

Assange in my eyes, and the eyes of many, is the embodiment of the concept of “power to the people”. As communistic as it sounds, that is the way it should be. The people of earth should have a say over earth. We ‘elect’ our ‘leaders’ to work for us, the interests of the country and to prevent crime. They arent put in office to rule over us, to work for the interest of themselves and to commit crime, be it murder, fraud, theft or other. Julian is a hero of humanity. He has cut through the veil between us and the political leaders, allowing us to see what really goes on behind the screen.

US media outlets, as stated before in another post, are really just PR platforms for their government. Anything about Assange is negative and against him. Sadly, a majority of Americans currently believe that Assange hates America, Americans and is a borderline terrorist. But in reality he isn’t, and doesn’t hate America or Americans. He has no grudge against America. What he does dislike is the conduct of the US government. Can’t you see that he cares enough for the people of earth and American citizens that he doesn’t think you should be hidden from the truth and wont allow your leaders to screw you over? They take your money, they are passing laws to take your rights and people accept this? No one can take your rights from you. He has blown the whistle many times that the US is on the march towards a police state, where freedom of speech and expression are restricted – thanks to the US Partiot Act. Suggest you look into that.

A Magazine front cover. A police state and the new laws on their way.

But I ask you not to take my word for it, and don’t take Julian Assange’s word for it. I challenge you to prove Mr. Assange wrong. Research this concept. Look into the alternative media which isn’t controlled by government or corporation. Use your intuition and reclaim your power and right to self-thought. Don’t allow anyone or any government body to think for you or tell you what to think. Truth is the greatest liberator. And truth can only be acquired on a personal quest for it. From this moment on, realise that your thoughts are yours. You are free to think as you want. You are free to think for yourself. You are free to know the truth. Look at every animal in the animal kingdom. Free to think and express themselves. It is a universal birth right, and it applies to all living beings within it. That is one of the most beautiful gifts the universe can give you – don’t refuse it.

An image shared with me on Facebook showing the Police Brutality on the rise against peaceful protesters. Brutal attacks like is is an assault of free speech and freedom of expression by government sponsored bodies.

So, for the sake of humanity and all that is right, support Julian Assange and his colleagues. They are being punished for doing the right thing and stepping out of the box in which the powers that be want you confined to. Send your positive thoughts and energies their way and voice your opposition to their current treatment. Go around and spread the truth. For helping him is helping humanity. And helping humanity helps you develop spiritually. What you do for him is for the greater good. Just like his work was for the greater good.

Namaste 🙂

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