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It can be very difficult to live in a world where so many people and creatures place a high importance on the self. It brings greed, anger, envy and many other negative aspects to life. While some of us may have manifested here to experience these in life and to experience a 3rd dimensional existence, it doesn’t hurt to show compassion, love and tolerance to other forms of life.

I don’t believe there is good and evil. Rather, I think there is just a stance of morality, which varies between different locations and cultures. I do recognize however, there are actions that can harm your spirit and add to or take from your karmatic debt. Extreme negative actions are termed as evil where as good actions are termed as righteous. But think about it. What makes something evil or good in your eyes? It is your sence of morality.

Some people have different views on morality. Few others seem to have next to none. But morality is important to have as it helps you distinguish the actions in which to take and which to avoid. The ones that you should take are the ones that benefit others. Reducing their suffering, increasing their happiness and sharing your unconditional love are great actions to take.

Earlier, I came across an article on the BBC News website. The article explains how a family’s 3-year-old Collie was set alight by people on Sunday morning 26/08/2012. The dog has survived the ordeal and the culprits are still at large. It’s very easy to class this as an act of evil. But rather, it is act of harm which carries negative consequences, not just for the culprits, but a much wider circle of people. Their sence of morality is probably non-existent or totally warped. The unfortunate thing is that as a result of this cruel and barbaric action people took, the dog is the one who has suffered the most. Maybe for the ‘entertainment’ of the culprits.

Second of all, the family to which the dog belongs. People seem to accept the idea that an animal can be owned. A dog is usually considered property. But if one looks deeper into this, a dog easily becomes part of the family. You show them love, you care for them, you hate to see them suffer and you feed and speak and play with them. I don’t believe that any form of can be owned. Life is life and each life form is just as valuable and as important as the next. If you own something then you objectify them. If you regard something as an object then you lessen its status in life. Doing that can can lead to the restriction of rights for the being and can lead to showing authority in cruel and harmful ways. This mindset can often lead to the abuse of another because of your sence of superior power of a lesser object. The family to which this dog belongs is currently in shock and hurting because the being of which they love has suffered a terrible ordeal at the hands of cruelty. One wonders did the cruelty arise because of the mindset that the animal is of a lesser status? This could be the case. It would give them the sence that they can do it because they can.

What I do know is that these people responsible have added considerably to their karmatic debt. I don’t know if it will be paid in their current lifetime. I don’t know how they will pay it. These people have destroyed a part of themselves, almost to the level of forfeiting their humanity, if they haven’t already.

For those of you who read this, I ask that you send your positive thoughts and love to this poor being and to its family. No form of life should suffer needlessly at the hands of others. Do not be angry at the culprits. They will get what’s coming to them. Rather, pity them that they lack the intelligence to the point where they have surrendered their humanity in order to find the need to make life suffer for their enjoyment. They have desensitized themselves from life and the human consciousness grid and will never know the joys of peace and compassion.

Peace and light be with you.

[Update] Upon further review of this incident, I have come across as Facebook page dedicated to the dog. It can be found by clicking here. The page does contain some graphic images of the injuries. But one must point out that some comments reflect hate upon the individuals who carried out this act of violence. Some also contain vengeful remarks. Hatred doesn’t contribute in any positive way. Show love to the dog and family. While it is important to show disapproval of the cruel actions of the thugs, it is just as important not to wish extreme harm on those who committed the crime.

The best way to deal with them is to give them plenty time to reflect on their actions and what pain and suffering it has caused. Lock them up until they are deemed safe. Be it 15, 20 or 30 years plus. Give them only the basics on which to life on. 3 normal portions of the same bland food each day with water. Doing this will not allow them to experience any worldly pleasures, thus allowing more concentration on reflecting and thinking of their actions. Do not allow luxuries or time for luxury. This would include removal of all forms of entertainment. Music, Television, Art. This would also allow more time to reflect on their actions. Each and everyday, the only contact with life they have is when they are being given food. Each time they receive food they are should be reminded of why they are in their current situation and the pain they have caused another form of life to suffer. After much thought and reflection over a number of years, they will finally come to the realisation that what they did was wrong and find true remorse and peace.

Namaste 🙂


Smile, be happy and enjoy life

In spiritualism, it is known that the key to a healthy, enjoyable life is happiness. Not the happiness that is brought on by external things which are temporary in this ever-changing universe. It’s the ’empty’ happiness emotion that is caused by attachment to things. Rather, I speak of internal happiness. That amazing and indescribable feeling you get from appreciation, acts of kindness, learning something new, improving simple things in your life and indeed from just understanding and being alive in the moment. That happiness leads to unconditional love for everything in the universe. And unconditional love is a very important aspect in life, as it alone has the power to cease the need or reason for war, which is caused by hatred, greed, envy and just about every other negative emotion and thought. With unconditional love, you learn to have tolerance, respect and acceptance for those who are different from you.

Unconditional love by all forms of life for all forms of life.

Self centeredness is also damaging to your spiritual life as that is view that lies within a duality perception. You are seeing the universe as “me and them”. Through that thought and vision you begin to compare yourself to others around you and judge them on your standards. And that is a vital mistake. When you begin to compare yourself to others, that obcessiveness and mindset gives birth to a string of other negative emotions and reinforces the perception of duality. Comparing yourself is basically acknowledging that you have expectations in life to up to. Those expectations differ throughout the communities and nations of the world. But the principle remains the same as do the effects. When you begin to start comparing yourself to others you will experience envy. Through envy you will experience desire – you will want something because your friend has it. Through desire you will experience greed. Through greed, you will experience anger when you can’t have something you desire or if someone buys something because you have it. Then anger to hate. And from hate many bad thoughts materialise. The resulting thoughts are warped and distorted by strong negative feelings which usually manifest into actions.

Those actions can be harmful. In many cases people have died or been injured or scarred as a consequence of the actions of others spawned by their negative emotions. You cannot be happy if you embrace these emotions. You will be as an empty shell. This is why inner happiness is key to a genuine happy, easy and enjoyable life.

When you arrive at hate, you will start that circle all over again. Though hate has its roots in envy, hate itself can also spawn a different type of envy – jealousy. Not only will you continue to endure that cycle of negativity, but doing so is what causes the continuation suffering.

Suffering, as taught by Buddha, extinguishes a happy existence. Buddha also teaches that suffering is a product of desire, AKA attachment. I personally believe that people will continue on the cycle of suffering because they accept it as an inevitability, i.e. a fact of life. But it’s not! Step back and observe life from a different angle. Recognise that suffering does indeed exist, but it doesn’t have to be. And that it can be stopped. To Buddhists, that would sound familiar – the Four Noble Truths. Which are;

  • There is suffering
  • Attachment causes suffering
  • Suffering can be stopped
  • There is a path to stop suffering

The Path to stopping suffering, as taught by Buddha, is known as the Eightfold Path. While I personally believe this isn’t the only way in which to begin to stop suffering, I do acknowledge that it is a path that works and could perhaps be the easiest. Buddha taught that taking the middle way was best, i.e. the perfect balance between the extreme and a limited practise of spirituality. The Eightfold Path is basically the 8 steps to take in training your mind to free yourself from suffering. The cause of suffering is desire. The effect of which is suffering. While you don’t have to follow or practise the Eightfold Path, it does cover they key elements that are important to leading a happy life and reaching enlightenment. It generalizes the things you can do. The image below shows the 8 steps of the Eightfold Path.

The Eightfold Path. The steps taught by the Buddha as the easiest and practical way to attain freedom from suffering and attaining enlightenment

If you notice, the Eightfold path begins at the very point that I have made over the past few paragraphs – The right view. That is the source (in my view) to all suffering. If you don’t have the right view and continue to view things from a duality perspective, especially centred on the self, then you will continue to be in the cycle of suffering. I will concentrate solely on the right view in this post, because once you master that, the rest will come to you much easier. So what can we do to change our view? Here are a few points and steps.

You do not always have to be right

 Lets face it. We hate to be wrong. And more importantly, we hate to be proven wrong. We are born with ignorance and with a desire to focus on the self. But I can’t help but feel that hatred of being wrong comes from the fear of negative consequence. It has been drilled into us from an early age. In school, being wrong or incorrect about something is frowned upon and often punished. In modern times you can be made an example of and teased. In older times you may well have had to face a caning. But we must understand that punishment for being wrong is totally unnatural and comes from the establishment. In order to learn new things we must open our minds. Opening your mind can begin with accepting that you may not always be right. Accept an opinion may be different to yours. If you firmly believe in something, that’s cool. You could be right about it. But accept someones right to have their opinion in a way that you would expect them to respect yours.

An opinion may be different from fact. If you are wrong on a certain matter, accept it and adopt that new knowledge. If someone else is wrong, then explain to them that they are indeed wrong. Don’t be hostile and stay cool. If they still won’t accept a fact, acknowledge it and let them believe what they wish to believe. It’s also important to stress that you don’t always have to have the last word in an argument. If they persist in trying to argue, walk away. Their mind is closed and they don’t wish to open it yet. There is no need to waste your enegry.

You don’t always have to be in control

The view of always having to be in control will bring about stress. Healthy competition is fine in some aspects of life such as sport or competitions. But the idea of having to be in control of everything and everyone throughout your lifetime is not. Not only do you suffer through stress, but being a control-freak can damage your family and social life, along with your spiritual life. Anyone who has seen the TV series, The Apprentice, will know that it is a high stress environment. This is because everyone is trying to be the one in control, along with trying to impress others. Heck, it’s stressful even watching it if you feel empathy easily. Understand that everyone will have a trait or expertise in a subject or task. Know that there will be someone who can do a job better than others at times. Understanding this will allow you to relax more. View it like a long cross-country drive. You don’t have to drive all the time. Let your hair down and let someone else take the driving seat. Trust others. This simple action will go a long way.

Accept responsibility

Not everyone is to blame for the effects of your actions. Accept responsibility when it is yours. An example could be that you are tasked with looking after a child. You watch TV and let the child do its own thing. The child cuts itself on a knife you left out in the kitchen when cutting sandwiches. The parent comes home and questions what happened, only for you to say “The child shouldn’t have touched the knife and you shouldn’t have chosen me to look after him then!”. In this situation, the fault is yours. Accept it.

Do not be hindered by the limits of possibility

Believing that you are limited in what you can do is a step to closing your mind. Everything in this universe is possible. There are several dimensions, realms, or whatever you want to term them. Humans are beings of love and their soul, the body of light, is immortal and because we are manifestations of source, we are in essence gods. Research has shown that your thoughts, words and actions influence the environment around you and what you can do. If you cap your capabilities with limits, then you will not go beyond the limits you have set. You are the only one with the power to dictate and control what you can and can’t do.

We watched the Olympics and were amazed at how fit and athletic some of the Olympians were. Perhaps we found ourselves wishing we could do that? What’s to stop you from doing that? Only you.

Recognise there is diversity

This can also fall under the right mindfulness step. But from the right view perspective, see and accept that there are many different people, appearances, views, speech, talents, humour, ideas of fun… the list can go on. In other words, recognise you that are unique. You are like no one else, and no one is like you. If someone eats differently from you… let’s say with their mouth open, what gives you the right to complain? Who are you to tell them it’s offensive to you? Why should they have to change what they do to suit you? Isn’t that trying to make someone be more like you? We know thought influences our lives and actions and environment. Train yourself to think positively. Live and let live. You do not have to police society. You don’t have a right to tell someone how to live or how to express themselves. Accept their differences and learn to live with it. It could well annoy you. But refrain from complaining about it and let someone else be happy and comfortable with what they do. Inner happiness cannot be found in the misery of others.

See the present

In essence, past nor future exist. Only the present. You have taken actions in the present, not in the past. They say we learn our lessons from past experiences. Well… no. This is a current lifetime. You learn from your actions in the present. This is so hard to explain. Time is merely an illusion and is existent in this 3rd dimension so we can have an understanding of life, and have the ability to learn things. In that illusion, it is very easy to hold on to the past. A lot of treasured memories of the encounters you’ve had exist, but not in the past. In the now. Alot of hurt resides in the past too. That hurt affects our emotional state and therefore causes suffering. Concentrate on the only thing that exists. The present. It’s just life. You do things and have thoughts in the present time. You don’t make your thoughts or do you actions in the future and you don’t do it in the past.

The task of seeing the present or the moment can tricky. Give it much thought and scrutinize it. Meditate on it. Think about it when you commute to work. Think about it when you walk to a location. Think about it when… you cook or wash dishes. Eventually, you will get an understanding of what I mean.

Looking forward to the future causes anticipation and impatience. Impatience can hinder us, and again cause a level of suffering. The more you think about time, the slower it will become. The practise of focusing and understanding that there is only the now will allow us to have greater patience and tolerance. And patience is a useful thing to have when you’re dragged out shopping by the other half 😉

This is why you need patience lol

There as so many other actions you can take in order to begin to have the right view. It requires practise and patience. It may seem daunting and much like a chore at first. But in fact, it isn’t. It is easy to do! And your right view starts adjusting almost immediately from the moment you practice. You don’t have to cover every possible action to gain the right view. Simply by acknowledging there are differences and decide to live with them, you’re well on your way.

Having the right view will open your mind. When your mind is open, it will allow you to change in the pursuit of spiritual perfection. If you have the right views you will naturally do things in your life with the right intention. With the right view and right intention, you are geared up for the right speech. You will soon know what to say and mean it, while seeing beforehand the consequences of what you say before you actually say it.

These 3 qualities combined obviously manifest into our actions. Your actions affect your lifestyle and environment, thus bringing us onto the 5th step of the Eightfold Path – the right livelihood. Then that continues on to the right effort, the right concentration then the right mindfulness.

The beautiful thing about this is that the right mindfulness spawns the right view. You are mindful of your views and action. There is a reason why the Eightfold Path is symbolised by an eight spoked wheel. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. 🙂

But what this all works down to is to begin to take the first steps to create a lasting happiness – the inner happiness. External happiness doesn’t last forever. It dies away with the object or person. Then we feel the need to find  happiness in something else. Food, another partner, more money, a new car, etc. While there are some things we need to get by in this life, it is wise not to attach ourselves to them. Doing that we are only fooling ourselves, and hindering a healthy spiritual life.

Begin on your path of true happiness. I’m not saying live the life of a slave or live the life of a monk with no possessions. You do need things in order to live and get through your lifetime here. But don’t hold an attachment to it. Search for the happiness inside. For as someone once wisely said, happiness comes from within.

Namaste 🙂

Humanity sends its responce to ‘WOW!’ Signal

Exactly 35 years after receiving a signal from the cosmos dubbed the ‘WOW!’ signal, humanity has finally sent its response in the direction they first picked up the signal.

But this is no ordinary response. On the 15th of August 2012, hundreds of Twitter messages from people around the world that were compiled into one big ‘hello!’, and beamed out into the cosmos. The reason why this message is special is because the average Joe has had the chance to say their hello and have it beamed out across space, with the chances of contacting alien life. Celebrities and some politicians have contributed too.

How the signal got its name

But why reply to a message received from space? Well on the 15th of August 1977, A radio signal, 30 times more powerful than the average radiation from deep space, was detected by the ‘Big Ear’ radio observatory, located at Ohio State University. The 72 second transmission was picked up coming from the Sagittarius constellation. Where did the signal get the name ‘WOW!’? The astronomer who detected the signal had highlighted the interesting set of digits and scrawled at the side of the page the litters ‘WOW!’. However, this signal was never detected again. The signal was expected to appear three minutes apart in each of the horns, but this did not happen.

As you would think this would be an exciting moment for humanity in general, responding to the signal has been met with a lot of criticism, and it’s not hard to see why. Broadcasting our existence into the vast and infinite universe could be a very dangerous move. Modern Science knows very little about the universe. We don’t know how many civilisations are out there which are capable of interstellar travel. And if they are capable of interstellar travel, then we can only logically assume that their technology and stage in evolution is greatly ahead of our own. If they find out we are here, could we be a food source for them? Funny to think of that really. But we could also be seen to be primitive by some, and therefore seen as slave material if they arrive looking resources. Would they come to us in peace or would they come to conquer?

The general location in which the signal was detected. Determining a precise location in the sky was complicated by the fact that the Big Ear telescope used two feed horns to search for signals, each pointing to a slightly different direction in the sky following Earth’s rotation; the Wow! signal was detected in one of the horns but not in the other, although the data was processed in such a way that it is impossible to determine in which of the two horns the signal entered.

But realistically, what are the chances that alien life don’t know we are here? Personally, I’d say very slim. With historical evidence and accounts of extraterrestrial encounters and visitation, it is hard to deny that even some of the more hostile alien life know of our existence. People to this day have their ancestry linked to alien life that have visited the planet before. Ancient depictions and writings have shown us where some of these ETs came from. Other ancient writings and indeed ancient oral account which have been passed down through generations among remote tribes have indicated to us that we have been in contact since ancient times. Many ancient civilizations have told and shown us that they got their amazing mathematical and astronomical knowledge from the ‘star people’ or Annunaki.

Statues of these ‘gods’ were created and to the exact specifications of these beings. The average Annunaki being is said to be around 8ft tall. To this day, these statues are in museums and at temples. The only problem is that modern scientists cannot get round the idea that these statues were built to depict actual beings, rather, their thoughts are that the statues were made taller than humans to symbolise the importance of the ‘god’ status. They can’t understand that the ancients told us of things as they were. They gave accurate historical accounts of how they came to be, how they received their advanced knowledge and where their ‘gods’ came from. They told us of things about the universe, even our own solar system, that we never knew up until the 30 years ago in some cases. So why dismiss their claims if what they have told us is accurate?

One of many cave art depictions that can be found all over the world. They seem to follow a similar theme. The heads in this are either surrounded by a halo or perhaps an interpretation of a helmet.
These depictions look like the ‘grays’ and are found in Kimberly, Australia and have been dated around 3000BC

While there are folklore and mythological stores that originate from these people, we must also understand and recognise their advanced knowledge. Who’s to say that they are lying or making up stories of where they got their supreme knowledge of physics, mathematics and astronomy?

But while it is wise to be cautious about sending signals out into the infinite cosmos, I do think that most of these claims of hypocrisy are indeed unfounded and uncalled for. I am confident, based on the historical accounts and in some cases modern-day accounts, that extraterrestrials already know we are here. They have visited and interacted with us. That is enough reason for me to believe we are not alone. And personally, I thinking sending this message is a great thing as it can show them how well we have come along in technological development. If only we could translate that development into spiritual development. Things would be very different and I believe for the best.

Namaste 🙂

The Myth of Human Rights

Human rights are seen as a good thing and something that is associated with the West and democratic nations. We are constantly told that nations in the middle east, far east and some places on the South American continent are run by oppressive regimes, dictators and the military. Thus it is these styles of governments that lack in human rights, by denying its citizens basic freedoms such as free speech, freedom to express what you feel and in some cases freedom to think independently.

This all falls under the illusion that these basic rights are only possible in democratic nations because the governments are apparently elected and they are the ones who give us these rights. A famous example is the USA. They had the Bill of rights and have the constitution which regulates the rights and freedoms its citizens have. These documents were written by the leaders and today can be amended or changed. The only way a government can do that is because the people have accepted that their rights were given to them by government. As I have said before, if a government tells you that it gives you these rights and you accept  that, then they have the right to change or take them away. Your acceptance is your permission and compliance. Rather than be told what rights we can have, why now acknowledge the rights we do have?

As the people of the world are starting to wake up, they realise that the rights ‘given’ to them mean nothing at all. And in fact that these are the basic fundamental rights that everyone has from birth. They also realise that these basic universal rights aren’t exclusive to humanity. One just needs to look around them to see that wildlife embrace and have these rights. The right to go where they want, do as they want, act as they want and eat what and when they want. They don’t have to be a slave to the system and they live free and healthy lives – as life should be.

The problem with humanity is that through the education systems, our social systems, our religious institutions and media/government institutions, we are told to fear and listen to higher authorities without question and obey each and every command they give us. We are taught in schools and programmed by the media (which are really just PR tools for governments) that human rights is a good thing and in some cases, our armies must go to an oppressed nation to liberate them and ‘give’ them human rights. The key word there is ‘give’.

Rights are not something someone can give you. From birth, you automatically have every right that the next person has. It is a law of the universe. If you didn’t have that right, then you would not be able to do it. What the elites want you to think, is that you are given or have to earn these rights. They need your permission in order to do this. Why? It is your birth right to make choices freely. They are pretty much giving you the option, but make you fear total freedom by possible ridicule and exclusion from the society that has chosen to let their leaders do their thinking for them and dictate how to live. All they need is for you to willingly surrender your universal rights.

In organised religion it is exactly the same. Numerous religions, be it Catholic or Muslim for example, drill the notion into you that if you begin to think freely or if you live differently to how the church tells you, that you will be tortured and punished forever when you die. If you commit a sin you will be punished. But what is a sin? Simply thinking or acting freely. Breaking a law or code set down to you by the church or by Yahweh.

Yahweh is free to do, say and think as he wished. You were not. And this was achieved through instilling fear of death and torment thereafter into his people.

So now it is time to come to realise that you are your own sovereign. Free to live and do as you please, so long as it doesn’t affect someone elses right to live freely. Waken up and step back and observe human rights for what they are, the supposed basic freedoms that are given to you by your leaders.

These rights are fundamental to life and exist all around the universe. They are not exclusive to or given by humans. This is the will of Spirit Consciousness – Source Energy, the creator of the universe.

The sooner people realise the truth, the sooner earth can be a harmonious place in which to live.


Oneness meditation

This is another short but beneficial meditation I was taught that I feel I should share with you. I don’t know the name of it, but for blogging purposes we shall call it the oneness meditation.

The meditation consists of showing respect to wildlife by responding in a suitable way and bowing in gassho, acknowledging the Buddha nature within all sentient beings. Therefore allowing you to connect and observe that in this universe we are one with source. And opening up to that realisation is a very significant step in spiritual development, not only in Buddhism (in my opinion), but spiritualism in general.

For those of you who may not know what gassho is, it is merely the name given to the act or gesture of greeting someone. It is mostly associated with the far east. The act of gassho is bringing ones hands together in a manner that resembles the prayer position level with your chest/heart and bowing. The higher the authority, e.g. parents – grandparents, the deeper your bow. In some traditions it is courteous not to break eye contact as you bow.

For those of you who have studied or practise Buddhism, you will know that the Buddha never claimed he was divine or a god or indeed anything or anyone special. Rather, he is regarded as a teacher and in Eastern cultures, a teacher is someone worthy of respect. Your first teachers are your parents, which is one reason it is customary to bow while greeting them. The Buddha was and continues to be a spiritual teacher, therefore out of respect and acknowledgement, it is courteous to bow to the image of the teacher.

So this meditation teaches that all sentient beings share the Buddha nature and are one with source. This meditation is best practiced out on walks in the countryside or woodland. As you walk your route, being aware only of the now, listen to and be aware of your surroundings. You hear a bird near by and you catch it moving with your eye. Acknowledge that the bird is there and whistle back before bowing in gassho. And that is pretty much it. Continue on your way. Do the short and simple meditation again if you wish when you come across another bird or animal.

In Buddhist communities (Sangha) it is accepted and acknowledge that all sentient beings contain the Buddha nature within.

A lot of people may not feel too comfortable whistling back at a bird as it may make them feel odd and they may be self-conscious of seemingly appearing as if the clock doesn’t chime twelve with them in front of people. And that is perfectly fine. Whistling isn’t required. As with most meditations in Buddhism, you can alter it slightly to suit what is most comfortable with you. You could replace whistling with quietly exclaiming a polite greeting or form of acknowledgement.

As with the Inner Buddha meditation I shared with you, this meditation acknowledges the Buddha nature. Though this time not within the self, but within other forms of life. This simple practise is great to practise and helps advance you on your spiritual path, step by step – even if it is only seconds long. But sometimes the most simple of things can contain the best of things. Not only does this meditation acknowledge the Buddha nature, it also is a practise that  helps you realise and focus on the only thing that exists – the now.

I hope this that I have shared with you helps you in some small way on your spiritual development and advancement to enlightenment. I share it with you with love and light and blessings.

Namaste 🙂

Crop Circles ever increasing globally

It’s been a few days since I have made a post on these blogs. During that time I have thought of a wealth of stuff I could blog about when I have the time.

But one thing that has come to my attention that crop circles are starting to appear around the world. It’s no wonder really due  to the idea and belief and predictions that there will be an alien invasion, staged or real, on the 12th of August 2012 – the closing date of the Olympics.

Crop circles have appeared around the world on a daily basis. Some foretelling doom in the run up to December 2012, some warning of the Olympics and some warning of WW3. But one must question how many of these crop circles could have been made by extraterrestrials and how many are the work of man.

Statistically, those with an interest in alien prophecy and ET’s are the ones most likely to create a crop circle if they have the skills. It would be unwise to rule out human intervention at this time in some cases of recent crop circles, especially when alien invasion during the Olympics is a high-profile topic within the conspiracy community.

Someone asked me the other day after reading my blog posts if I was against conspiracy theorists as I seem to try to shoot them down. And a few days before that I was asked if I was a nutter for posting about these events – in other words a conspiracy theorist. Just to clarify now when I can, I am a believer in conspiracies, but at the same time I don’t accept every conspiracy thrown at me. Some people connect dots that aren’t there to arrive at the answers they want. For every topic out there, there are countless conspiracy theories about it, most of which contradict each other. They can’t all be true about the same topic. Questioning and using your rational thinking and reasoning, whilst going on your instinct are key principles to help sort out the fact from fiction.

The same goes to UFOlogy and crop circles. People claim to be awake, without actually knowing what being truly awake is. They are so focused on being ‘awake’ to the mainstream media, what the government tells them and the current education curriculum, that they don’t know to be awake to the disinformation that the alternative media and information. Remember, it is so easy to make up a story and put it out on the internet. Someone somewhere will believe it. But remember too, that keeping an open mind at all times is just as important as rational thinking. You may think they can’t go hand in hand, but they can. It just requires the perfect balance – the middle way as taught by the Buddha.

So, is the sudden rise in crop circles linked or influenced by the alleged alien invasion? It would seem to be a coincidence, wouldn’t it? No. I don;t think it is. I don’t believe in coincidences. Things happen for a reason, be it the result of action and reaction, planned or divine plan (though this may not be accepted by some Buddhists). What we must try to establish is what the reason is in these crop circles appearing. Are humans doing it to fear monger? Are aliens leaving warnings for things to come? Or is it a bit of both?

Yesterday, another beautiful crop circle appeared in a hot spot for crop circles recently. In Wiltshire, United Kingdom, a large swirl pattern flower appeared in a field. The flower has 6 petals and upon closer examination, the inner and outer rings seem to be perfectly woven. Now I am aware that in most genuine cases of crop circles, the crops are usually just perfectly flattened. The designs are simple and to the point. would aliens, if they were trying to convey a message to us, spend so much time on making it into a work of art? I somehow doubt it. My instinct here tells me, along with reasonable thinking, that this crop circle could very well be man-made… much to my disappointment 😦

Crop circle which appeared in Milk Hill, near Stanton St. Bernard in Wiltshire, England.

But one must point out that despite crop circles appearing worldwide, the highest concentration does seem to be in the UK. With a known 49 having appeared recently in the UK and a known 47 across the rest of the world (recorded information on 06/08/2012 dd/mm/yyyy). Is this significant? It could be. That is something worth taking a look into. Why is the concentration of the world’s crop circles in the UK?

One that appeared in the USA on the 24th of July seems to correspond with a significant astronomical event that has happened recently. Looking at the picture below, you can see 3 main circles. Within the interlinking circles, you can clearly see a triangle. Each point of this triangle touches the centre of the circles. While I would see it associating with the flower of life pattern, others have been able to link it to the “Martian Triangle”, which is when Mars forms a perfect triangle constellation with Spica and Saturn within the star constellation of Virgo. This event could be seen if you looked towards the west just after sundown on the 5th.

The crop circle image reported on the 24th of July near Wilbur in Washington. It apparently relates to the “martian triangle” which can was visible on the 5th of August

Another significant event that happened on the 5th-6th of August 2012 is the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars at approx 0632 BST. Just some food for thought.

So at the moment things seem to be pretty lively and interesting in the UFOlogy community. And of course the conspiracy community and groups. So at the moment all I can really say is pay attention to what is going on. Relax and meet any significant event with excitement. Keep your mind open and use your feelings. For I have the feeling that in the run up to December, we are going to see and hear of many different, unusual and amazing things.

Namaste 🙂

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