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Man sentenced to jail for collecting rainwater

A man has been sentenced to 1 month imprisonment for collecting rainwater in Oregon this week. Gary Harrington, from Eagle Point, was sentenced to 30 days for ‘illegally collecting water’ on his own rural property – and fined over $1,500 (£956 approx) .

I knew the governments of the world were going barmy, but this is totally insane in ridiculous. sentencing someone  to jail for collecting the most natural and abundant resource in the world?

Harrington, who has defended his right to do what he wants with rainwater since 2002 was convicted on nine counts of misdemeanour charges for filling ‘3 illegal reservoirs’ on his property with run-off water. On top of his over-the-top punishment, they have sentenced him to 3 years probation.

Authorities say that Harrington broke the law by collecting natural rain water and snow runoff that landed on his property.

This is beyond comprehension and really does need to be seen to be believed. You can read the full story on or clicking the direct link below.

But it does go to show, that governments are trying to become dictatorships and telling us how to live. And trying to give the impression that true freedom and liberty is granted by a governing body and can be taken away by them at will… not so.

Peace and light


UFOlogists abuzz with UFO sighting at Olympics

UFOlogists around the world are excited and take the opportunity to say “I told you so!” this week. Conspiracy theorists, truthers and UFOlogists have claimed for months that UFO’s will been seen possibly during the Olympics and this one disk-shaped craft made an appearance during the firework display.

It gave out an eerie blue-white glow and was filmed by the Official Olympics broadcaster live from the event. But I must wonder where it came from, because honestly, as I watched the opening ceremony I do not recall seeing such an object. But taking into account, I was surrounded by friends and colleagues in my local Royal British Legion club and playing pool lol. The next night, videos started appearing (mainly from the one YouTube user) which depicted a glowing disk/cigar shaped object hovering and flying not too far away from the stadium during the fireworks.

Sky News broadcasting live from the Olympic Opening ceremony during the fireworks display. A disk shapped object can be seen under their logo

Naturally, I thought “Oh wow!” then “What is the explanation for this?”. So far there have been no official reports from security officials or Olympics officials that I am aware of regarding the object. So at this moment it is indeed a UFO – Unidentified Flying Object.

So what could this object be? I looked into the possibilities of aircraft, balloons and reflection and so far, I have been able to rule the last two out. But I am on the fence between an airship or something else. As much as I really want it to be ET’s coming to spectate the extravaganza, I must also keep my mind open to all possibilities, earthly or extraterrestrial… Even if it means I am in for disappointment.

Not only could this confirm UFOlogists to be correct, but it gives credibility to the high-profile investigators such as Nick Pope and David Icke. So the next question is, if this is really aliens appearing, will we have full disclosure soon like others are saying? Or will we see a whole fleet of them and they make ourselves known to us at the closing ceremony? At this moment, we can only let time tell us. But currently, I am very excited and looking forward to the events to come.

In the instance that the object is not of alien origin, what could it be? As I said earlier in this post, I am on the fence between an airship and it being something we cannot explain – yet. The reason I say airship is because it roughly fits that shape. The only problem is the object was too far away and when you zoom in on it, the image can get pixellated. So it is genuinely hard to find a clear enough picture of the object up close. Not only that, but it has the same flight characteristics of a blimp. Smooth, slow and elegant. But that’s not to say these characteristics only belong to one type of vehicle, for it would be unwise to make or imply that claim.

Also taking into account that an airship was present in the run up to the opening ceremony. The world-famous Goodyear airship took a tour round Olympic Park and the village and London a few days prior to it. It most likely wont have been present during the Olympics as there is a no-fly zone in and around London for civilian craft. That is not to say it can’t be a security blimp, but I have not seen or heard of a security blimp being present.

The world-famous Goodyear Blimp.

It is also worth pointing out that this object had none of the lights or beacons required by law for all flying craft. It simply glowed and hovered about the Olympic park and villages during the fireworks display. The lighting seems to be wrong for it to be coming from the fireworks, but could it be coming from the lighting in the stadium? We can’t rule this out, but at the moment it looks unlikely.

Now if it was the Goodyear blimp, we must take into consideration its colours. And that it has no means to illuminate itself in the ways the object in question did. If light reflected of it from the stadium at an angle, could it give us a different perception of it? Could the colours blue and silver possibly create the illusion of a disk-shaped object? Possibly. Again, it is wise not to rule it out.

Analysis of the object. Through the filters, it looks even more like a disk shaped object.

But setting scrutiny of the object aside, what about the residents of London? What about the armed forces deployed? What about the spectators in and around the stadium? Did they not see it? Surely something this bright and big in the sky would have been noticable, especially when everyone will have had their heads up to the sky to see the fireworks. So far, I have not come across any reports of unusual sightings. And I have not heard of anyone speak of seeing a blimp there at that time.

Naturally you would think that with London being so densely populated, the armed forces scanning and surveying the sky due to no fly zone procedures in place and the visitors watching the games, that someone would have seen it? So far it seems not. But to be fair, this is something I have not looked into yet.

So at the moment… this object remains a mystery. What, if anything, was there? If it was unauthorised to be there, how did it get by without appearing on radar? How was it seen by the television cameras and seemingly not the people on the ground? It is likely that the light could be out of the visible light spectrum, and picked up by digital recording equipment. That is known to happen. Be it from ghost hunts and investigations to electronic telescopes pointing to the stars. Whatever it was though, it has caused great interest and perhaps, just perhaps, it is a sign that we are indeed not alone.

Namaste 🙂

(UPDATE:- A picture has come to my attention that was posted on the Goodyear website. An opening ceremony spectator spotted and photographed the Goodyear blimp over the stadium during the opening ceremony. Could this be the explination?)

Goodyear blimp at the opening ceremony

The Importance of Questioning what you are told

Many, many people today are too willing to let others do the thinking for them, meaning they walk blindly on which ever path someone sets out for them. But if people accept without question what authorities and media outlets tell them, are they truly living a life of freedom? Simple answer is no. Accepting information about something happening in the world or to someone you know without thinking on it or researching it, is pretty much willingly and voluntarily surrendering your right to free thought. If your thoughts are controlled or easily influenced, then they are in effect controlling you. And if you are controlled, you are not free.

The reason I bring this up, is because of an image that is circulating the world-wide web. The image is the embodiment of what I speak of. Someone who questioned and researched what they were told by the mainstream media regarding the conflict in Syria, led them to see the truth behind the twisted and expanded truth.

As you may be aware, Syria is in the midst of a supposed civil war. Their President claims he is fighting terrorists, Islamists and foreign intervention. The west, mainly the USA, are saying that the Syrian government has gone rogue, killing its own people because they are in the middle of an uprising against an “oppressive” regime.

While I feel it is not my place to comment on the situation. I am mostly suspicious of what the US government is telling the world as they have been exposed as liars before. Take Iraq, the exposure of their actions and deeds by wikileaks (killing innocent civilians and exposure of their agenda) and many other things.

A German newspaper posted a photoshopped image of a man carrying a baby with his wife closely behind. His back ground was apparently a war-torn scene. The headline translates to “Assads Tanks roll through the streets to the Mother of all Battles”.

Below that image of the newspaper is the actual image of the 3 civilians in an entirely different location.

I wish to keep this blog entry short, but my main reason for posting it is to encourage the practise of keeping a clear mind. And to show the importance of thinking for yourself. After all, it is the Buddha’s teaching not to believe a word you are told, unless it fits in with your logic and feelings. If you feel it to be nonsense or not right for you, then disregard it.

And that’s another thing I stated before. It is important not only to think logically, but equally as important to think with your heart. Your first instinct is usually the right path. But in order to understand your intuition and hear it, you must be sure that you have opened yourself up (body and mind) to things outside of the box. Be accepting of different view points, but also be aware that you can think for yourself. That is a very special universal birth right. No one can give you it or take it away from you. It is the law of this universe. So you have the right from birth, and will have it forever more. So don’t throw it away. Grab it back and keep it. You have a free spirit, so be free and use it! 😀


Australian man claims to have seen UFOs several times

Australian news programme Sunrise has featured a story and interview with a man who claims he has seen UFOs since he was 12 and has now evidence to back his claims.

Peter Maxwell Slattery, an Australian national, spoke about his encounters to the host on the 26th of July, 2012 (I think). Presumably, Sunrise is an early morning/breakfast slot on a television station down under. He claims he has seen strange lights and objects in the sky near his home in Albury.

Peter Maxwell Slatterly during his interview on Sunrise

Peter, now an investigator and researcher, has released a book called “Investigators for truth” and founded a group of the same name.
He has also claimed to have seen shadow people, and has since made a documentary about his encounters.

In the interview, he explains that he has only met one of these beings when they landed and that they don’t have a physical form as they are inter-dimensional creatures.

While I am a believer in other life forms, I usually follow my instinct and it guides me accurately on if to believe someone or not when they speak on this. Most of the time, my instinct tells me that their claims are fabricated. But with this guy, my instinct is telling me that he could well be truthful about this. But, a golden rule in investigating UFOlogy is that people with an interest or fascination with UFOs and Aliens are the ones who are most likely to make up stories, make false claims and submit false reports.

Artistic impression of a light being using the merkaba. A merkaba is a natural, spiritual vehicle which can offer protection as well as inter-dimensional travel. The two pyramids counter rotate. In the bible, this is what was possibly described as a ‘wheel within a wheel’. Normally the light being is sitting in a meditative position.

Though, I do know that multi-dimensional beings can travel inter-dimensionally without the need for craft or technology. But I also know that beings can travel inter-dimensionally by using technology and craft and the use of synthetic merkabas. So I find this interview to be most fascinating.

You can watch his startling and thought-provoking interview by clicking here.

Peace and light 🙂

UK government to offer nasal flu vaccine to kids

Something which I stumbled across today cause me great concern. Personally, I am against vaccinations manufactured by drugs corporations and have been since I began down my path of awakening and enlightenment.

I read an article today that all kids in the UK aged between 2 and 17 will be offered a flu vaccination via nasal spray. Ok, so what’s wrong with that? I can see why they could offer it through a nasal spray as kids may have a fear of needles. But the reason I am against vaccination is because we know (or we should know) that the companies who manufacture drugs often add unnecessary chemicals – which are toxic to life.

Naturally these toxins added to the drug, though unnecessary, may not pose a health risk because of their very small volume in the drug, but why are they added?

I have heard in many cases where fit and healthy people who never had the flu before were given the flu jab, and ended up dying or suffering a great deal. What’s worse? Some people have to suffer it annually.

A box which contained a vaccine solution. It is noted that it contains Thimerosal, a preservative which contains mercury. Mercury is highly toxic to life

Now while I do know that a dead or weakened form of the flu strain is in the drug, I am unsure as to the reason why dangerous chemicals are added in. These chemicals often linger in your body, absorbed by the bloodstream or organs. If you get injections or vaccinations regularly, those chemicals won’t be long in building up to severely dangerous levels.

One of the most common toxic materials added to vaccines is mercury. Mercury as I’d expect you to know is a heavy, silvery-white metal in liquid form. Equally, I would expect you to know how toxic the element is. It can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin and as the case is, injected into your system.

Where I live, we are advised that if one of these energy-saving lightbulbs were to break, we should seal off the room and get everyone out, then call the fire brigade in order to deal with it. There is a tiny amount of Mercury in these lightbulbs, so imagine what it would do when inserted directly into your blood stream?

So why are they injecting the flu vaccine which contains mercury into our kids? Some of the side effects are loss of hair and teeth, increased sensitivity to light, redness of cheeks and nose and muscle weakness. And, according to the research of Tom Verstraeten, the thimerosal (a mercury-containing organic compound) appeared to be responsible for a dramatic increase in autism and other neurological disorders.

And it isn’t just mercury that is added to vaccines. Here is a small list of chemicals and unnatural substances which are dangerous to humans that are inserted into the vaccines.

  • Ammonium Sulfate (poisonous to the liver and the nerve and respiratory system)
  • Beta Propiolactone (known to cause cancer)
  • Latex Rubber (can cause life threatening allergic reactions)
  • Aluminium (preliminary research suggests this can contribute to the cause of dementia and Alzheimer’s)
  • Formaldehyde (linked to leukemia and lymphatic cancer)
  • Polysorbate 80 (known to cause cancer in animals)
  • Glutaraldehyde (can cause birth defects)
  • Phenol (used as anti-freeze and toxic to all cells. capable of disabling the immune systems primary response mechanism)

These are but a few of the chemicals that are being added to vaccines. Though I don’t think all these are added at once into once vaccine.

Ingredients listed in a flu vaccine. Highlighted is the ingredient that contains mercury.

So if these vaccines are to help us, why put stuff in them that are very dangerous? Some conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and Von Helton claim that the NWO want to kill off or experiment on a large proportion of humanity. Others say it is because the drugs industry has the potential to make billions a year in profit. And the only way to ensure that is to make sure that people are ill. Therefore, having the governments tell you that your childs health (or your health) is at risk and you need vaccinations to prevent you from being ill, while at the same time, those vaccinations contain products that deliberately make you ill further down the line, thus requiring more drugs for your treatment. Those drugs contain other products which will make you ill, so you will need new medication for that, and so on.

While I tend to lean towards the latter, I won’t rule out mass killings done on purpose as the Rockefellers have before claimed that they want to cull humanity. I also know that a lot of Nazi scientists were spared a trial and execution to work for the US government, NASA and drugs companies. Those same scientists carried out inhumane experiments on humans and ejecting some of the same poisons into their patients.

A list of some more of the chemicals found to be in vaccinations. So far, my research on this list finds it to be accurate.

So for now, I ask you to question this motion. Is your child really sick and in need of vaccinations? People have lived to their hundreds without ever having the need to take vaccinations or medication. Some people who have never had the flu vaccine never contracted the flu. Those who have had a flu vaccine have caught it and died or displayed flu-like symptoms.

I strongly think that the parent shouldn’t make the decision for the child to be vaccinated, but give that choice to the child. After all, it is their body and their life. While I understand you may be protective of your child and want what is best, step back and see the bigger picture. Is a vaccination for your child in the interests of their health?

Peace and light 🙂

A Pocket Guide to Sects & New Religions

A few years back, I got aquianted with a book cakked “A pocket guide to Sects & New Religions”. I discovered it towards the final few years I was Christian after feeling spiritually drained and started doubting the teachings and structure of the movement. I had an egarness to learn ‘the truth’ and sought to think freely and independantly.

This book I found to be very interesting. Wrote by Nigel Scotland and published by Lion Hudson books, it is well informed and gives you a brief history of religions and sects around the world and lists their core beliefs. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to brush up on their knowledge of world religions or seek a path suited to them.

It covers over 40 obscure and more familiar religions from Aum Shinrikyô to New Age and UFO movements.

It really is an interesting and informative book. Just thought I would share this little gem with you out of interest.

Namaste 🙂

Inner Buddha meditation

Another simple and short meditation I was taught a few months ago is practical and can be done literally anywhere when you see a reflection of yourself in glass, mirrors or even water – anything with a reflective surface. And this is something I would like to share with you.

So if you’ve read the title and the above paragraph, you’ve probably added the two together to get the general answer and method to this very short and very effective meditation. As Buddhists know, everyone has a Buddha nature within them. In fact, every sentient being has a Buddha nature within them, though humans have the potential to become Buddhas in this life time – every single one of them. In order to achieve Buddhahood, you need to practise the eightfold path and meditation, basically training your mind.

With the notion of inner Buddhas in mind, it is wise to acknowledge that Buddha nature. Just as it is common courtesy to bow in gassho to the image or likeness of our teacher, Gautama Buddha.

Gautama Buddha statue

There is no preparation for this meditation and it’s very brief. But, it does have a significant effect on your pathway to enlightenment. Each time you pass a mirror, turn to it and look yourself in the eye. Bring a hand up level with your heart – like doing a gassho with one hand, and bow whilst keeping eye contact. And that’s it.

When I was asked to do this by my teacher for a full month, it took a while before I felt anything. If you do it enough, paying respect to the Buddha nature, you will get a sence of oneness, warmth and inner peace. You really do have to try it to understand how it feels.

My teacher told me that although it is simple, it is very effective and powerful and will help bring you to the realisation that you are one with everything in this universe, especially all sentient life. The reason? As stated earlier, it is because we all have that Buddha nature within.

So personally, I would encourage you to try it. You may get that instant connection with your inner Buddha, or it may take a handful of times. The key here is patience. You do not have to do it each time you pass the same reflective surface. In fact you don’t even have to do it if you don’t wish to, in the likes of public areas if it makes you feel uncomfortable. But I do recommend this simple practise.

Meditation not only helps clarify the mind, but it is beneficial for your chakras

Admittedly, it has been a few months since I last practised this. But there are many other practises one can try. I just hope that I have contributed in a helpful way by sharing what I was taught and practised.

May your path be full of light and peace.

Namaste 🙂

Alien invasion is possible – Michio Kaku

The idea and theory of alien invasion has been enhanced today by a world-famous theoretical physicist.

Dr. Michio Kaku, author of several books, appeared on CNN News and commented on the likelihood of aliens invading the Earth and on if they would most likely be friendly or hostile. While he believes that if extraterrestrials were to visit us, they would probably be friendly, because if they had the technology to reach us here, they would most likely have found many other uninhabited planets with resources. Thus either leaving us alone or just visit. But he didn’t rule out the possibility of hostile alien invaders.

Michio Kaku is renowned for his works and thoughts on alien life through out the universe

In the interview, Michio Kaku commented, ‘Now if there is a life form out there, they could be literally millions of years ahead of us. The universe is 13.7 billion years old, so a million years is nothing compared to the age of the universe.’ He continued, ‘And, for the most part I think they’re going to be friendly, but if, but if they’re going to be hostile, it would be like Bambi meeting Godzilla if we ever had to fight them.’

When asked why he thought that, he replied, ‘Well, realise that if they are that advanced they can reach the Earth from a distant star, they are already thousands of years ahead of us in technology. And we would present no military challenge to such an advanced civilisation. Now realise for the most part there are lots of uninhabited planets with resources on them. So if they can reach the Earth, they can certainly reach other planets that are uninhabited. So for the most part I think they’re going to leave us alone.’ He continued, ‘But if, if one them is hostile, watch out! We would be a push-over for them, forget all the Hollywood movies.’

Well… it doesn’t take a professor in theoretical physics to know that, but the fact that such a highly respected and renowned person has come out talking about alien invasion live on TV just before the Olympics is significant and, as such, has sent the UFO communities and truthers into a frenzy. He has been branded an illuminati agent by many in the truth movement (like anyone who tells the truthers what they want to hear. Why? I don’t know for sure, but it could be because he is popular because of his views and thoughts. But in theory, he is only popular because the truthers and UFOlogist have made him popular.

He could be branded an illuminati agent because of certain ‘key words’ that he uses in his talks, speeches and interviews. Like in the last quoted paragraph and last sentence, the words ‘… we would be a push-over for them, forget all the Hollywood movies‘ could be picked up and interpreted as secret subliminal commands from the Illuminati by the conspiracy theorists. While I personally feel this could be unlikely, it is wise not to completely rule it out. As far out there as it may seem, there is no reason to fully reject the warnings that conspiracy theorists may or may not have picked up on.

Continuing on… when Kaku was asked that if aliens invaded, would it be a reason for all the worlds nations to unite and get together in order to face a common enemy, Kaku replied, ‘That’s right.’ He went on to say, ‘When President Ronald Reagan met Mikhail Gorbachev,  Gorbachev was shocked! Shocked out of his mind, that Ronald Reagan said to him, “you know, if the Martians ever invade the Earth, you and me would be allies in the fight against the Martians.”. Well Gorbachev later wrote that he was “floored” by that comment, but d’you know something? Ronald Reagan was probably right! If we are ever invaded by the Martians or some advanced civilisations, we would hunker down. We would get together and fight off the Martians.’

Former US President Ronal Reagan meets Mikhail Gorbachev

Finally he was asked if it was likely to have any common similarities between us and aliens, he replied, “Well for the most part I think they would leave us alone. If you’re walking down a country road and you see an ant hill, do you go down to the ants and say, “I bring you trinkets”, “I bring you peace”, “I bring you nuclear energy”, or do you leave the ants alone? So I think that if they are that advanced, they’re going to be peaceful. They will have had thousands of years to work out their internal problems of racism, fundamentalism, sectarianism. So I think for the most part they will have had thousands of years to work out their internal differences. So I think they probably will be friendly. But we have to prepare for the possibility that they aren’t’.

Strong words from Mr. Kaku. So are they a warning of things to come in order to make us psychologically prepared, or are they genuinely the thoughts of a physicist? I guess that is down to the reader to interpret it. But these multiple warnings of UFO’s and aliens in the media (Both mainstream and alternative) books and the UN about to issue a treaty on banning firearms on the 27th (so I have heared, but haven’t looked into myself), who knows. We shall just have to wait and see.

This post may be lacking the indepth and quality that I usually put into my posts, so I can only apologise as there is so much more I could say on the topic. It’s hard to do when tired lol.

Love and light!

Another solar flare thrown from Sun (19/07/2012)

With the Sun’s ever increasing activity, CME’s and Solar Flares are becoming more and more common. Why? The Sun goes through an 11 year cycle of activity which is expected to peak in 2013. As such, truthers and some scientists and military personnel have claimed that as it is stronger than usual, it could spew out a “kill shot”.

NASA detected the latest flare to erupt from the surface of the Sun but classed it as an M7.7 – a mid-class flare. Due to the medium strength of this flare, it is not expected to cause severe disruption as it is weaker than the largest flares which are classed X.

M flares, if they hit the Earth, do have the potential to interfere with radio communications at the poles, though this is only temporary.

That’s all I have to report on it for now, but I will post updates as I get them.

Namaste 😀

Noah’s Ark sailing up Thames during Olympics – artistic or symbolic?

I’m used to hearing of strange and unusual news from around the world, but this one in particular strikes me as odd and the question “why?” is nagging away in the back of my mind.

The UK’s Daily Mail newspaper reports that Dutch man, Johan Huibers, has created a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark (450×75 feet) and wants to sail it up the Thames during the 2012 Olympics – complete with animals that boarded two by two.

Huibers inside his ark

Huibers, owner of the construction company behind the project has written to London Mayor, Boris Johnson, asking for permission to moor the ark in London during the Olympic games.

He claims his reason for building it was because he had a ‘prophetic dream’ where he saw Holland becoming submerged in flood waters and thus, interpreted his vision as a signal from God to spread his message. He claims he wants to debut his ark in London in order to inspire school children and to educate people about the Bible and God.

Apparently, Huibers decided to build the ark 20 years ago, but only started its construction 3 years ago as his wife was proving to be a thorn in his side by her resistance to the project.

As crazy as all this may sound, there are a couple of interesting aspects to the construction which are worthy of pointing out

  • Its construction has cost over £1,000,000
  • It hosts 2 conference rooms which can seat 1,500 people
  • It’s made out of ‘Swedish’ Pine as God told Noah to use resin wood in the original
  • There are at least 3 floors. The 1st will house robotic animals, 2nd real wild life and 3rd free flying birds and living quarters for him and his wife

But is this magnificent project just a manifestation of insanity, a cleaver way to teach about the bible or is there something more sinister behind it?

While some people think it is an amazing idea and a great piece of work, others are criticising the work and asking what the connection between the ark and Olympics could possibly be? As you may well be aware, there is a lot of hype about something major happening during, or on the closing date of the 2012 Olympics, especially among the conspiracy theorists, truthers and doom and gloom fanatics.

The modern day Ark. Built to the supposed exact dimensions and plans of the original historic ark built by Noah at the command of Yahweh

That having been said, it does cause me to question what the connection is, if any. What could be the significance of this stunt? When one studies a lot of the information (and misinformation) floating around, it is easy to see the points that truthers and conspiracy theorists raise. While I believe that something may happen during the Olympics, be it a false flag terrorist attack or the disclosure of the existence extraterrestrial life either by our government or by aliens paying us a visit (Unlikely they will get VIP seating at the games lol), it could genuinely be one guys project, who simply wishes to show it off to the world. And there wold be no better time to debut it to the world than during an event the whole world will be focused on.

But we must also be aware of the symbology behind this. After all, the ark was built when God supposedly wanted to punish the world for their wickedness – the key words being ‘punish’, ‘world’ and ‘wickedness’. In the Bible, God showed mercy to human kind by killing all the humans on the earth bar a few – Noah and his family…  Sounds very merciful. The reason he killed off a majority of humanity was because they questioned authority (self-awareness), worshipped other deities, sinning… basically choosing to live a free life and being awake in terms of awareness. Noah on the other hand lived to appease Yahweh without question, thus surrendering his free will and nulling his ability to become self-aware.

It is also worth pointing out that some scientists and historians believe that this event happened when the earth was naturally warming up, heralding the end of the ice age. This is according to the evidence found of a major flood and carbon dating the soil samples from that time. Anyway, according to the Bible, god made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. When Noah went to warn others of their impending doom, he was ridiculed and portrayed as a fool. That is pretty much the same as what happens today with those who preach doom and gloom or speak of their beliefs which are outside of the current mainstream belief system.

So we have established that the presence and construction of an ark symbolises global catastrophe and possibly the deaths of many (extinction level event). In these modern times there are many predictions of ELE’s to come. Be it a kill shot solar flare, Nibiru and the second sun which are on the approach to earth and disturbing the asteroid belt causing comets and asteroids to be hurled in our direction, possible Alien invasion, possible WW3 which could go nuclear and a dirty terrorist attack to name but a few. And it isn’t just a few underground scientists telling us this. It is our ancient ancestors and benevolent ET’s through drawings, ancient texts and literature, channeling and visitations.

So what about the symbology of the ark itself? The ark as we know was built because of an incoming ELE. But why was it built? To ultimately to save life and ensure the survival of the many diverse species on this planet. So does the ark itself embody the aspects of hope, survival and that ELE’s aren’t necessarily the end of times or life, but the end of life and times as we know it? We also must understand that the ark was built to save those who did the work of a jealous, vengeful ‘god’ without question, who lived in fear that Yahweh could take their life as and when he wanted. The reason he didn’t let Noah perish was probably because he found use for him.

So maybe the ark is telling us to get ready and prepare for our survival of an ELE that could coincide with a global celebration of diversity and athleticism. It is perhaps a plan by the elite in order to warn us subliminally of things to come, as the NWO or Illuminati have to tell us what they are doing, only in a way that we blindly accept it and pretty much unconsciously give them our permission to do so. Or perhaps it is signifying a new era or new beginnings if aliens make their existance known to us?

Or maybe as I stated earlier, this could only be a genuine man’s dream of building this historic ship that just happens to coincide with the dates of the Olympics and the year 2012, and people are merely connecting dots that aren’t really there.

A manifestation of a mans dream. The Ark under construction

We won’t know for sure, but what I do know is that it is important for each and every one of us to have our own opinion and view on the matter. And that we realise that it is healthy and important to question things like this – unbiased and from every possible angle. It is important that you are truly a free-thinker while respecting the different opinions of others. Form your own opinions, do your own research and look at things from many different angles to form the truth as it is to you. The Lord Buddha did teach us this valuable lesson and he himself told his students not to believe anything he tells them, but live the practise themselves and experience it themselves, for we will never truly know the reality of it if we don’t experience it ourselves.

It is natural to question what live throws at us. Just remember that while we are one with spirit consciousness, we are merely the manifestations of consciousness examining itself and its reality from every possible angle of existence, every possible eventuality and every possible pathway. So keep on being a free spirit! Keep living your universal birth right to think freely for true freedom is the most amazing, spiritually fulfilling feeling there is.

Namaste 🙂

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